Has anyone tried Full Music 12ax7's?

After reading a thread from some guys in the UK http://wduk.worldomain.net/forum/showthread.php?t=4913 I decided to try some of these tubes. I don't have a large collection of 12ax7 types but a few.

Shuguang 12ax7
Electo Harmonic 12ax7
Tungsol New Stock gold pin 12ax7 ECC803s
Tungsol NOS 12ax7
General Electric 3 mica black plate 5751
Sylvania 3 mica black plate 5751

After putting a pair in the preamp position of my Jolida 502 integrated amp I was really happy with the sound. In fact I put all my other tubes in a box and haven't even thought of taking them out. Even my past favorite Sylvania's. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried them?
You have made me curious. Just purchased a set and am waiting for their arrival.
well - low noise floor, tight, clean bass (don't go for these id you like heavy metal or dance music) and good mids. I don't think the treble is "sweet" as ppl would normally say of tubes - it's a bit more akin to SS. But what I like about them is that the sound is *consistent* across the whole spectrum, not like the lucky dip one takes when they pick up some NOS tubes. The only thing I could say genuinely beats them are Siemens 6057/E83CC - but they're over $200 USD per pair these days.

So, just like Detredwings, my other tubes (mainly GE and Brimar varieties) will be boxed for a while!

Plus, everyone loves gold pins!
These tubes are a bit expensive but I really feel they
are worth it. The mid-range and high are really nice. But the bass is really something special. In no way unbalanced. It is nice to have new tubes that I feel happy with. Now I'm waiting for TJ to release the KT-88's. One thing that is different about them, they flash like 12at7's but doesn't affect anything. Let us know what you think about them Abucktwoeighty
I have Nagra pre and phono stage. I know Tone Audio did a recent review, he pretty much raved. Seems like I should try em...thanks for the post
I've had the Full Music 12ax7's in my Jolida JD100 CDP for a few days now and have to say I'm very impressed. I had thought the tubes I had in there were sounding a bit bright, but I wasn't sure if it was the tubes (Svetlana) or the Coincident CST interconnects I started using. The review I read on the Coincident CST's stated they were a bright sounding cable. Once I put the Full Music 12ax7's in place, I knew it was the tubes that were at fault.

I have had Telefunkens and Sylvania triple mica black plate 5751's in use before these and found I didn't care for the Telefunkens a bit. The Sylvanias sounded wonderful, but added too much bottom end to my system, so I went with the Svetlanas. The Svetlanas lack in the bottom end. With the Full Music tubes, the music is balanced from top to bottom. The drums on Chris Isaak's "Heart Shaped World" are incredible! Bass is pronounced, never muddied, but has impact, slam, chest pounding at higher volume. Always focused, sharp. The mids and highs shine through just as well as the bass. The guitar and percussion on Lee Ritenours' "Smoke and Mirrors" sounds wonderful. Rich. Silky smooth. Balanced and focused keep coming to mind. This is that "tube sound" I've been searching for.

Imaging is better, soundstage is better, sonics are wonderful, I am happier.

Yeah, these are keepers, and beat out the others in my system, like the previous posts. They will stay, and are a bargain for the sixty-nine dollars I paid for them. Could it be I'll start listening to vinyl less? Only time will tell. They are that good!
This is great news. I've been dying to try some new tubes to roll my sylvanias. Might I ask where everyone is getting these?
I'm actually working and living in China now and I seen them in a store when I was in Guangzhou and I looked them up on the Internet and then tried them. I think in the U.S. Grant Fidelity is the only place I know of? I think they're actually in Canada? http://grantfidelity.com/site/catalog/89/tj_full_music_
I got mine from Hong Kong. Wi Wi Trading Company. www.wiwitubes.com His card says: We specialize in all kind of vintage tubes, NOS tubes and current tubes.