Has anyone tried EZ-Zyme enzyme cleaner

Have anyone try EZ-Zyme enzyme cleaner by Miltex for home brew record cleaning fluid?
My understanding is that EZ-Zyme enzyme cleaner primary used in the medical field.
Here is the product description from Miltex website:
"Neutral pH multi-enzyme liquid concentrate ideal for instrument presoak,
ultrasonic cleaning, laundry presoak, and evacuation system cleaner. Ideal for cleaning hard to remove proteinaceous (mucous " tissue) and lipid (fatty) materials from the surfaces of surgical/dental instruments, linen, water submersible equipment, or where mechanical scrubbing is impractical." It sounds like a very good record cleaning solution at a very reasonable price to me ? Your opion please.
where is this product available?
1 gallon container cost $48.00
Contents of 1-gallon container makes 170 gallons of solution.
Lpfan: I would not be surprized if that product has been rebadged and resold to us. For several years I have been experimenting with live bacteria that produce the approprate enzyme's to clean LPs. The process takes 1/2 to 1 Hr. per-side. While the results have been outstanding , folks in the industry have strongly suggested I invest my time solely with enzyme solutions. Do you have any idea of the time the solution needs to be in contact with the LP ? That's the key to the whole cleaning process(time). I also steam clean and use a RCM.
Using active enzymes with a labortory grade water rinse to clean your LPs is extremely effective.

Used in medical,dental and labs your not going to find a better way to deep clean your LPs.

You can try a home brew method of this Miltex, 170 gallons will clean afew LPs.

However I use the Walkeraudio prelude active enzyme solution kit with remarkable results.
Considering that the Miltex product is dirt cheap compared to "audiophile" ones, it would certainly seem to be worth a try. But don't forget that cleaning is a multi-step process; once you have completed the enzymatic step, you need to remove the residue with a thorough washing.