Has anyone tried EAT KT88's in their power amps

Has anyone auditioned The EAT diamond KT88"s in their power amps.If so I would be Interested to read your experiences.I have been running SED KT88's in my Conrad Johnson Premier 12's,I decided to try the golden lion KT88's,It's only been a couple of days,and I am surprised how similar they sound, early impressions would give a slight edge in clarity to the Golden Lions
I also would be interested in knowing the results. I changed from Kr KT88 to Genalex Gold Lion 6550 in my KR VT 8000 monos and have lost clarity and transparency. Could be that the new tubes are not fully broken (only 100 hrs). Am considering EAT diamond and am looking for feedback.
The best I've tried in my VAC monoblocks are the Shuguang Penta Labs KT88SC, solid plate version. I bought a matched quad from Dougstubes. These tubes have everything: soundstage, neutrality, dynamics, clarity, etc.


I did try a quad of EAT Diamonds in my McIntosh MC275. Unfortunately, they were either heavily (or incorrectly) used. They tested weak and sounded no better than Pentas, Electro Harmonix, re-issue Gold Lions, etc. So, my NOS Genalex Gold Lions were (and are) the best tubes I've heard, (almost -- but I'll get to that shortly.)

A friend who tried the used EAT's (mentioned above) with me finally bought a quad of new EAT's (which I didn't hear) but he says they're even better than his NOS Genalex Gold Lions (but I haven't heard HIS Gold Lions, only mine, which are terrific!)

OK. I'm currently auditioning a premium Grade-A matched quad of the new Shuguang black bottle Treasure Series KT88-Z, which I obtained directly from a Chinese seller (not on eBay) for $360 including PayPal and 3-day DHL airfreight! They take a long time (300 hours) to burn-in, but so far are well on their way to out-classing my NOS Gold Lions ;--) Does that mean they'd be as good/better as/than the EAT's? I can't answer that. However, for ambient sparkle, incredibly wide and defined soundstage, and delicious lower midrange and tight bass, they probably will replace my NOS Gold Lions, and that's saying a lot!! And at over four times the price of these new Shuggies, the EAT's would have to have unimaginably superior performance to represent any real value.

And to avoid flames, I have to state that results can vary depending on the tube+amplifier combination (but I haven't yet heard any disappointing reports about these new KT88-Z's).
Are the Black Treasures Grade A and where did you get them? That is a great price.
The MSRP of EAT's are ridiculous, imo. I also used to use NOS GEC KT88 in my Primaluna Prologue Two and maybe these EAT are better, but no way for that price. Always wanted to try those Shuguang black bottle Treasure Series KT88-Z, but never bother after GEC been installed.
I bought some Ruby KT88's on a lark, and they sounded very good from the start but now that they have some hours on them they are really shining. I still like the genelex reissues a lot too.