Has anyone tried Dueland 2.0 Hookup Wire

I was thinking of moding my tube cd player class A rca outputs with Dueland hookup wire and maybe internally in my speakers. Has anyone else tried these hookup wires and how would they compare to just standard single solid core cooper wire?
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I had the 2.0 IC/SC'S and they sucked big time.

There is better wire out there.
I'm using a .5m pair of Duelund 2.0 with Eichmann rca's (Cardas solder) and they alright for diy but can be noisy due to a lack of shielding. Can be bright with the wrong rca ends also.
Thanks I was just wondering,and at $25.00 per foot I would be better off with Kimber ag Silver. I have used the Kimber along time ago rewiring a pair of Dynaco Mk3's with tremendous improvments everywhere.
Chris may have some stuff come to think of it on V caps website.