Has anyone tried Clear Day Cables?

I'm a big fan of solid core wire and use the wonderful old Music Metre wire. The wire from Clear Day Cable looks like a copy of the Music Metre wire, which sadly isn't being made any more. Anyone tried the Clear Day and how do you like it?
Thanks, MJWPicMan
Solid core speaker cables can make sounds more clear, while others even within the same line can make music sound more like what you would expect to hear when listening to instruments play and singers perform in real life. The Clear Day Double Shotguns give you more of that realness that we all seek in our systems. There is a natural ease to notes and voices that accompany a deep and wide soundstage, with well fleshed out images.

You have heard or even believe that cables need to break in before they sound their best, and that is the case here as well. Give them a good solid 100-150 hours before they relax, it will be worth it.

Best words to describe what these cables bring to the table: realness, ease, relaxed presentation. Of course if the source is overly bright, these cables will let you know. It is fair to say that these Double Shotguns will let you hear whatever changes you make in your system; from adding footers to platform changes to IC swappings.

Maybe other cable manufacturers will do this as well, but you can rest assure that Paul Laudati will, for the asking, send you demos which you can keep for a few weeks to insure that they gel with your system. It is about synergy afterall and that takes a little time to figure out; a few weeks is more than enough time to figure out whether these cables will or will not work well in any system. The only obligation? That you mail the cables back the same way you received them, by USPS priority mail: $4.80. So that is how much you have to lose, next to nothing.

Now, there's no doubt there have been many happy customers of Paul's by reading his feedbacks, but nothing prepared me for the true generosity, the humane character he shows to his fellow man, his high integrity, and his absolute understanding that nothing, not even his best cables, is perfect for every system and that is okay. In a time when money is tighter than ever to spend on this hobby, when gimmicks abound appealing to the desperate, when speaker cables can run in excess of $30K, here is a modest gentleman offering an amazingly good sounding cable that more likely than not, will bring one's system closer to one's ideal.

For those who believe that the wires connecting the drivers to the crossovers are just as important as the speaker cables themselves, changing out the stock internal wires for double shotguns will complete the total transformation.

Do give them an audition and enjoy the music!
Thankks for the response, but you make it sound as if we should start genuflecting before Mr. Laudati's picture, and petition the Pope to grant him sainthood.
I can also attest that my Clear Day Shotgun cable gives very detailed and live sound, compared to some of the cables I had -- Zu Wax biwire, Linn K400 biwire, (old)signal cable single/bi wire, and many more cheap cables at under $50 per 6 foot.
Just try by yourself and feel the difference.
I just hooked up Clear Day shotguns with Paul's jumpers as well.I wasn't expecting too much out of the box since he told me to give the cables 150 hours to break in due ot my long run lengths. All I can say is WOW, if that is the case I can't wait to listen to what I will be hearing. These cables are clear, dynamic, articulate, with excellent staging, an excellent cable. Replaced Signal Cable ultra biwries which I liked, but these are in another class.
I've been using a pair of the double shotguns for about a year. This speaker cable really is one of the true bargains in this hobby. They have excellent bass and mid-range clarity and detail. The Clear Days don't quite do the HF extension as well as my Nordost Valyrja, but they are good enough to along side said high-dollar cable. I use the Clear Day's on the mid-bass and use the Nordost on the upper drivers. A very nice combination.

Paul's ICs are also quite good.
Having been extremely pleased with the cables I placed in my main system a few weeks back I just added a pair of shotguns and jumpers to my second system. Sound is clear, uncolored natural to my ears. Hard to say you'd go wrong with trying these
Been using them for close to two years.Speaker wire and the very nice Xhadow IC's.

They were a great match up with my ancient Tannoys,but not so great on my GV.
Adding some solid core copper in a DIY hybrid has ended the search for speaker wires for the GV.

Pope Paul!
He gets my vote.
I have tried a number of brands of speaker cable in my system, all of which were substantially more expensive than the Clear Day Double Shotgun speaker cables. I decided to demo them after reading comments by Audigon member "Tvad" in another thread. He has owned or heard a lot of high-end components and generally seems to be a voice of reason in the Audiogon forums. He offered high praise of Clear Day cables.

I like to think my system consists of pretty good components. PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC & Transport, Aesthetix Calypso preamp, McIntosh MC275 Mk V power amp, Sehring 703SE speakers, Running Springs Haley power conditioner. All in cost about $25,000 excluding NOS vacuum tubes, speaker cables, interconnects, power cords, maple speaker plinths and maple amp stand from Mapleshade Audio.

When all was said and done, I was not satisfied with the bass response I was getting from my system. The McIntosh MC275 seemed like the most likely culprit, given that it has a reputation for "one note" bass.

I toyed with the idea of trying a new amp. But I have done plenty of equipment swapping over the last few years, and know that it tends to be expensive, arduous (especially with heavy components) and often disappointing. I have had four amps in the last few years and two preamps, which implies that in my case the "success rate" of components has only been 33% (i.e. out of 6 components I tried, only 2 were keepers.) So I was wary of the prospect of selling the McIntosh and buying another amp, especially because the McIntosh does so many things exceptionally well.

So, I decided to demo some new speaker cables to see if there was a simpler fix. I spoke to the Cable Company about speaker cables to borrow from their "lending library". I also demo'd Reality Cables. None of the cables I tried seemed to be unequivocally great. All seemed to require compromises in order to achieve better bass...in most cases, a less open and airy soundstage.

The last cables I tried were Clear Day Double Shotguns. I frankly did not have high expectations for a few reasons. First, they were the least expensive speaker cable I have ever tried. Second, I have in two cases found that silver cables conform to a stereotypical sound, which is somewhat fatiguing, zingy, and tilted too much towards the high frequencies. Third, the Clear Day Double Shotguns are physically diminutive compared to other cables I have tried. (On the plus side, this makes them easy to install. No wrestling with a speaker cable as thick and inflexible as a garden hose.)

In any case, the Clear Day Double Shotguns were hands down the best speaker cable I have tried and not by a small margin. Bass extension has never been better in my system, improving both the amount and definition of bass frequencies. That provides a great "foundation" to music. Moreover, the improved bass came with no sacrifices. The upper frequencies are not rolled off or zingy. Mid-range is exceptionally organic and natural. Soundstage is very open, with the cables providing a great sense of air. Even though I have a very high end balanced headphone rig which offers copious amounts of bass, I find myself doing the vast majority of listening on my stereo rig since I got the Clear Day cables.

What others have said about Paul Laudati (Audiogon member "vonwaffen"), the owner of Clear Day Cables, is true. He is a good man. Not a good businessman, but a good man. He really cares that potential customers are truly satisfied with his cables. He sends out demo cables without charging for them or taking a deposit, and tells potential customers to see if there is a synergy between his cables and your system. If not, you just send them back.

But the fact that Paul is a good guy should not distract from what he has achieved with his exceptional speaker cables.
They are the best cable I have ever heard bar none. The imagining is truly fascinating and the music just sounds live, like the performer is right there in my room. It also helps that he is one of the nicest people I have ever dealt with. Try them...you will not be disappointed;)
I agree with everyone here, The Double Shotgun are great sounding cables,(in my system) better than my AP Black Oval 9 bi-wire shotgun and Audio Art SC-5 bi-wire double run shotgun. I highly recommend that you try them. Paul Laudati is a real nice guy. He offer a free demo for 30days. You will not be disappointed.