Has anyone tried clarus crimson speaker cables?

Wanted any impressions
These wires take a LONG time to burn in (200+ hours). Do not be fooled by first impressions. Be patient...be patient...be patient. See my full review of the Crimson bi-wires at http://audiophile-musings.blogspot.com/2013/10/clarus-crimson-speaker-wire-review.html
Ok but I have had them for over 200 hours. They are very revealing so I am getting some vienna acoustics Beethoven baby grand se late this week. I wondering how they will match. We shall see. Maybe it will be a match. One more thing we clearly say CLARUS CRIMSON. If we say Clarus crimson in our responses. It shouldnt be that hard for someone to see the difference. Lol.
Old thread, but I can chime in here. The Clarus Crimson are extremely good and a bargain at their price point. I replaced a complete Nordost Valhalla and Odin setup with Clarus Crimson, and never looked back. The Clarus added better bass and a more three dimensional, relaxed and organic presentation, without compromising on resolution and micro details. Very musical. Highly recommended.