Has anyone tried Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 RCA IC?

I have and it seems to work very well, at least as well as my other more expensive ICs. Has anyone else tried it?

I have some nice "high-end" speaker cables and power cords. I can hear the differences they make. I can also hear the differences of various damping tweaks. However, with RCA ICs, the BJC LC-1 seems to work just as well as my Reality Cable and Canary ICs, and is better than some other high-end ICs I tried.

I used to be a Beta tester for a guy who makes cryo'ed RCA ICs. I could hear the differences among various versions of his ICs. But a pair of $30 ICs is as good as these 10X more expensive? Did I miss anything?
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I'm a big fan of BJC and have many pairs. I have long runs of ICs for the subwoofers, phono and surround. Money well spent. I have a preference for Signal Cable ICs though and have many pairs as well with Eichman RCA terminations. Also a bargain. All have a money back guarantee.
I had a pair of Black cat morpheus cables in my system for about a year and then swapped them out for the LC-1's and I immediately was dismayed by how much detail, sound stage etc was lost. I kept them in for a week but just could not take it anymore so I put in another pair of lower end Black cat LectraLine and they were so much better and almost as good as the Morpheus. Next up is a pair of Kimber Silver Streaks.

The LC-1's are back in my cable container available for an emergency.
I own 6 pair of blue jeans.
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I had them in my video system, because I didn't really care much about the sound. Then I had to use a pair in a pinch when I rearranged my audio equipment. To cut to the chase, I got rid of all my "high end" cables and switched to the LC-1 throughout. Took the $1,000's of dollars I got for the old cables and put it into equipment.