Has anyone tried Aural Symphonic Cables

I have Lamm 1.1 amplifiers and Cat SL1 MK III Preamp and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with using any of the Aural Symphonics speaker cables and interconnects.
Yup, got dac to pre+pre to amp+purple bi wire set.+got 3 of their missing linc cubed 600$power cords.Was good improvement over T Labs Decade. It ain't famous enough,so if you get it cheap enough,you got GOOD stuf.
I bought Hybrid Gen II biwire in 1994. After trying many others it was the only speaker cable that really did my Audio Research CL-120 monoblocks justice; it is clean and clear and seems to impart no sonic signature of its own. I paid $1800 for a twelve foot biwire pair. It is built like iron. It is still in the main system and I feel no need to replace it.