Has anyone seen this...?


I'm just surprised by the set-up...
He did a recent one on a guy with a super cool system Tannoy 15" Glenaire's and Berning tube amps but never played the damn system! I don't want to hear the owner talk about the system standing next to it. Sorry to hijack your thread just needed that off my chest.
So here is a further example of the equipment reviewers deal with. I found this rather interesting when I saw it.

I find interesting. Here we have an "audiophile" who is a slob, has no idea how to set up a room and his system and takes real shitty care of his records. Garbage on the highest order.
This same guy "interviewed" the Onkk Cue turntable designer in a hallway and spent the first 5 minutes making fun of his hair and Onkk Cue. His product "reviews" are one uninformed irrelevant comment after another, interspersed with what sounds like bad ad copy. If he's ever seriously commented on how something sounds I missed it, which he makes easy enough by taking forever to get to the point.

His "system" strangely enough I can totally relate to. I have one looks just like it. In my kitchen. Third drawer down, below the silverware.
Well, he has cool glasses!
Dreadful space, but it’s his "office". I hope he has a separate room that’s aesthetically pleasing/relaxing, when he wants to listen to music.
I’d like to see the actual space, or.... maybe not.
Definitely not a master interview/review guy.

Power to him though, he’s doing what he loves.
The problem I have with Steve, is that he is a decent reviewer if I could read about it.

His voice is very grating, he's butt ugly and needed a haircut like 50 years ago.

Just can't stand to watch and listen to him...
I believe it takes a certain combination of personality traits to first create such a disorganized mess of a listening room and, second, the daily acceptance of such a room without succumbing to the notion that you may want to straighten things up a bit and put things in some kind of order just for your own relaxation and mental sanity.
I’m no Felix Unger, but just looking at his room causes me mental dissonance and a strong urge to straighten things up and transform it into at least some semblance of order, calmness and sanity.
But then I quickly let these feelings go, realizing that it’s his room, his mess, his problem and none of my business. I just hope I’m never invited over for a listen to anything since I know I’d have difficulty resisting the constant urge of putting that friggin dumpster fire mess of a room out.

Serenity Now!,
His "system" strangely enough I can totally relate to. I have one looks just like it. In my kitchen. Third drawer down, below the silverware.

I imagine if you were moving components and speakers in and out of your system constantly you might forego some of the anal retentive OCD traits that some embrace, too. I’m sure there is a lot of repositioning when critically listening. Since he lives in Brooklyn there is a fair amount of street noise that comes through. Sometimes it can be heard during his blogs. That would tend to explain why he is such a headphone enthusiast.
As far as his style, I think he does an excellent job of showing enthusiasm for the hobby and can be helpful in exposing people to aspects they may not be familiar with. Try to remember back to a time before you already knew everything. Steve does all right. He has nearly daily videos. That’s an awful lot of content. No one is making you watch it all.
And listening to a system over a mic, YouTube compression, and whatever system you’re using for playback has got to be useless. There are people targeting headphone listeners that use binaural rigs to record systems but I still think there are too many layers to discern the finer character of the sound that you might be wanting to experience.
     Don't misunderstand, I think a lot of us like Steve, his knowledge,quirkiness,podcasts and enthusiasm, at least I do. He reminds me of his fellow neurotic New Yorker, Woody Allen, and sometimes it's best if we don't know all the vast and painfully detailed repercussions of his neurosis.  A little reserve, discretion and mystery can often be preferable.  

@infection .....................check out Michael Fremers listening room then.   
I like Steve. He’s quirky but fun.

The guy I find to be annoying in Hans Beekhuyzen. It’s nothing personal, I just find him affected, unlistenable.
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@stereo5  I don't think Fremer's is as bad as Steve's... Srajan Ebaen's room is neat...& Paul  Breuninger's...
Thanks, yogiboy. Need to bookmark that one. For all the times people ignore me saying just one dedicated line, saying multiple dedicated lines are better, listen at 15:50 and TAKE THAT from Mikey Fremer! 
"There used to be a thing where you need a line for this, and a line for that... which of course is a really STUPID IDEA!" Lol!
"Everything should be on one line!" Tell 'em Mikey!
Agreed on one line. 8 gauge. 

I like Steve. I don't understand untidy people.
In some video this guy, Steve Guttenberg ,very amicable person, speak the truth about when we touch audio Heaven, and he says that it is when we cannot stop listen to the music....He was right on the spot...


After that he advise those who are not happy with their audio system to change cable... Damn it! I dont doubt that some cable are better than other, this is not the question...But a reviewer ought to know that, room and separate acoustic treatment, vibrations-resonance controls, and cleaning the electric grid of the room and house are way much more intense transformation of the audio system than just switching for a costly cable or even buying a more costly power amplifier (he says that in this video) but at least he says to be cautious about the urge to upgrade... … In truth some other cheap tweaks are miles ahead over a cable switch or a change of power amplifier especially when most of us owns already a good one.. And for those who doubt it I know the difference cables can makes or amplifier...But nothing about cable or amplifier most of the times can exceed or equal those other modifications I speak about...For his defense he also says that moving the speakers or put a rug on the floor is some solutions and this is true, only a beginning tough...Moving the speakers 1 inch can be a big upgrade indeed I am ok with this advice...

I like Steve Guttenberg but his reviews or advices are interesting because he is just that, natural, simple and very amicable...But it is not the source of choice to understand audio at more than the most elementary level...I remember 7 years ago I read some of his review about a dac, the worst being made probably, I will not name this famous company tough, I dont like controversy, anyway I bought it and trash it on the spot ( sell it) :)

But I love Steve Guttenberg the man, he is like some friend we love without listening necessarily to his advice, but listening him with our heart tough...
The fact that there are only a few people on YouTube doing reviews makes it hard to knock any of them . I give them credit for taking the time and effort . Its always a pleasure watching the reviews , unfortunately any of them who are monetizing cannot use popular muisci in their demos . The ocd hifi guy gets away with playing as much music as he likes on YouTube as he doesn't get a penny for his channel . Too bad there is not a way around playing tunes with the other guys . 
Steve Guttenberg , Z reviews , Newday guy , and one other that im aware of on YouTube . Anyone else know of others ? 
Thanks for posting the Guttenberg video. I have enjoyed Steve's reviews but looking at his room is very disappointing. I have an innate distrust of anyone I'm dealing with who has a chaotic work space. Throughout my life I've had a number of experiences where my discomfort with sloppiness and disorganization has been born out. It's going to be harder for me to take him as seriously in the future.
I like Steve as well. I think he has a kind of unique hipness with his wild colored shirts and strange mannerisms. The guy that I absolutely cannot watch is the AVshowreports guy, Peter Brueninger or however he spells his name. The guy has a personality that I just can't stand to watch. "oh look viewers, it's a power amp" Uggh!
"Today's lesson is very Important, remember...?.."

"Bullwinkle is a..."

"NOT THAT Lesson....This Lesson!"

-Being a reviewer isn't the Nivana one might expect.
-Not feeling so bad about the 'mess' I live with....noooo....
-One is left with the impression that all of them are single men.
-Their neighbors are all deaf.
-All of the freight services personnel draw straws to see who has to   deliver/pick up to/from from them.
-Wondering where they sleep...or even sit down. (I didn't see a   chair....too stunned to notice...)

Thanks for the links..*L*  No wonder the reviews all seem to sound alike after awhile....

"How many headphones can one man have, before they call him insane?"
(To the tune of "Blowin' In The Wind")

Unique Hipish Mess...."I Know I've got that LP/CD Somewhere....?!"

"Hi-End Hoarding".  "He developed a severe allergy to cardboard...It was Awful to see the body enveloped in foam 'peanuts'.  The worst case of static the EMT's had ever encountered.  It took hours just to find what was left of him....Sad...*sigh*..."

Audio Addiction:
Be afraid.....Be Very Afraid.

The guy that I absolutely cannot watch is the AVshowreports guy, Peter Brueninger

Lol! I quite like how odd he is...especially when he moves his hand in slow motion!