Has anyone rewired the arm of a SL-1210M5G?

I'm considering getting either the SL-1210M5G or one of the SL-1200mk units with the Cardas wire upgrade.

The SL-1210M5G comes with upgraded wiring already over the lesser expensive models. Has anyone owning the SL-1210M5G done a wiring upgrade/change (Cardas) to that tonearm? If so, what were the results/differences?
Or, has anyone compared a stock SL-1210M5G to any one of the other SL-12xx models having ONLY the cardas wire upgrade done? I'm assuming any a/b comparison(s) would have been done with the same cardridge/headshell.
Your comments are appreciated.
I have. There was a slight but noticeable improvement in channel separation and a stronger sounding bass. The real advantage was at the same time I had the RCA plate installed which allowed me to expand my options for phono interconnects.
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