Has anyone purchased a krell S 550 I Int amplifier

Are there any new owners who have the new integrated amplifier I understand it will be made in China. Fit, finish, sound quality. Does it justify it's 5 K asking price. Or can I do better on our shores for this kind of money? I have a pair of sonus Cremona speakers

You have a multitude of options for high power high quality integrated amplifiers, most of them will be made in Europe with the only American integrated being either Pass or Ayre.

You should be more than happy with a good 200 watt integrated and there are numerous models to choose from.
I've been looking for this amp as well.
Nothing on the Krell website and Krell dealers don't have a clue.
People standing in line for a $5000 piece of "vaporware"?
Modwright KWI 200 is another US made amp.
According to their press release, the unit should be out already. They shipping date is from march 2011. Something happened here.
I recently bought the KrellS550I what a pleasant surprise just as The
Hifi a News review it has excellent tonal balance using Mosfets
I believe and very underrated 275wpc is actually 330 and into 4 ohms 600
Plenty of power reserves.i used this amp with my YG Carmel's,
As well as my new Revel performa f-208 loudspeakers. It is a beast 64 pounds .but from hard driving Led Zep and a Creed to solo acoustic female voices just hang in space, Playing Jazz all instruments have excellent tonal balance and separation.
From Neil Young it just goes with the tempo soundstage depth very good
As well as width. Bass a Krell trade mark is there in masses. Late night
Listening even at low volume you can hear what is going on.
I would recommend buying 2- Synergistic 32mm-12.5 slow blow fuses
A nice improvement, as well as a high quality 20 amp power cord
I have a Hi Diamond HD-4 a excellent power cord and a 20 amp circuit
If you can ,or at least a dedicated line, and a 2 outlet Brick wall
Line filter surge protector very good stuff .no integrated I have heard willl
Give more value technologies from the Evo line were added in the 550.
Every unit is tested in Ct. U.S.A and the design all done t Krell yes built
Overseas but Krell over see operations.Even if you have $8k to spend check this one out.
Audioman58-A very surprising and glowing review. I heard the S300i and thought a NAD 375Bee out performed the Krell in almost every area, with the most notable exception of engagement. The S500i must be a substantial improvement over the S300i or you lucked out with synergy! I think I need to hear the S500i to find out if it's the real deal!
@ Dayglow, Hi, please give me your impressions on your opinion of the s550i, thankyou.
Just read the Hifi news review as an example.
I did not just luck out.i spoke with the engineers in depth.
Make no mistake just because they machine a case in a state of the art
Plant and do assembly does not mean it is junk China is using German, Italian ,as well as U.S machining centers now that they are making money.
The majority of the psrts are from Europe and a Japan ,it is totally inspected on every level in the Main Orange Ct. Plant .i got one unit and the transformer was noisy.i called their tech line and Patrick sent me out a new unit,and even payed to have the other unit picked up.
It is very underrated actually 330 wpc into 8 ohms and 600 into 4.
I just sold a a Hegel 200 .this is much better across the board.
Secrets of home theatre has a review coming out on this amp.
The 300 is not even in the same league .this has bits taken from their
Upper line 1,700 va transformer is no joke. Sometimes I am listening to a
Quiet section of so song then earthquake .the dynamic swings are excellent. I have the means to buy very expensive if I choose to .I sold a $70k MBL system awhile back I vowed to buy great sound at a fraction of the price.after that. My speakers cables , just sold the a Luxman da/06 great reviews
The Wyred4 sound SE dac destroys it..the dac needs 400 hrs ..
Keep things in perspective .when I said $10 k it is the best integrated under $10k IMO.
Krell says to get the most out of the 550 a 20 amp circuit will give you more current on demand .i have both a dedicated 15 amp and 20
You could tell the difference when turning up the volume,also a very good quality power cord makes a nice improvement as does the
2- synergistic 32mm 12.5 amp slow fuses. Fuses come with a money back guarantee.well worth the monies. Very good the nad not even in the same league .call Krell speak with a tech the 300 is old ,and not even close.
My brother has the Pass 150 and he Ike's mine better also.
do all of you think the 550 is in comparison to the Evolution E series amps?
Yes I bought one and the power supply went one hour into listening to it had to ship it back on my dime, Told them to keep it, Then I went out and bought a Mcintosh MAC6700 and now I m happy, MADE IN CHINA, KEEP YOUR JUNK OVER THERE.
BUY CANADIAN OR USA, Krell isn't the company it used to be ...
I took delivery of the Krell S550i 5 days ago along with Argentum Myth Analog I/C's and the AURE 8ft bi-wire speaker cables,(Studio 100v5 looking to upgrade to B&W 703D) Gutwire basic Clef power cord upgraded fr 15 to 20 amp plug(for s550i) and 2 Gutwire B/12 15 amp power cords(for FMJ BDP-300 BR player and AVR400)

As stated in a comment, I had the blue light flicker, however, it self corrected after 3-4 days burn-in.

Every time I power up the Krell I shudder, as there is a electrical pulse resulting in a thud to Base.

I am nor t getting that low base slam that Krell is famous for and am very disappointed in the Argentum cables.The dealer told me that they are superior to the Audioquest Columbia (replaced by ELEMENT-Water) I asked for a set to demo and was advised there was none available (first clue.

The midrange jumps out with detail and the tweeter sounds veiled, hopefully not due to the Krell as I invested $4,900.00 CDN.(slight scratch on LCD and face plate is not flush, 1/16" or so, with enclosure side. Dealer glossed over this point and was not willing to do anything?

At least dealer is playing fair and replacing the Argentum with the AudioQuest. 2 Water Analog I/C's and an 8ft. bi-wired Rocket 88. The Castle Rock a little out of my league right now.

When I get the new cabling, I hope to have a better idea of the sonic performance that the Krell has to offer, ideally after 100 hrs. burn in

Go into menu and put amp on high current standby. Takes away turn on noise from standby to on. Uses more juice but worth it. Sold mine like everything else. Kessler loved it in HIFI News.
I want one as well, nowever, it is made in china and I will not buy this model. No junk from china for me w/ regards to hi-fi gear. There are much better options here in the USA!
Happy Listening.
Amen, Jafant.

I bought my Van Alstine Synergy 450 from the factory 10 miles from my condo!
It sounds great, like a 120 watt tube amp without the hassle. Better than any Krell I ever heard
Paired with my AVA Pas4i pre, with NOS RCA 12Ax7's , driving
my Meadowlarh Kestels 2's born in Watertown NY, home of the
10th Mountain Division.
All Morrow wire from Kentucky, Cullen Pc's from California.

Sarah Vaughn must agree, she's singing for me in living room right now!
You should get a hegel h300.
You should get a hegel h300.
Hard to argue with a Hegel 300 if you have the money.