Has Anyone Placed Power Conditioner On Its Face with the Power Outlets Facing Up?

Will it hurt to place the EquiCore Power conditioner on its face with the power outlets facing up? I don't have room on my rack for it but concerned about the transformer weight causing problems. Wally (Underwood) says it would be alright.  I'm curious if anyone has done this and the problems or lack thereof. Thanks
I recommend you contact the manufacturer, or in this case Underwood HiFi
This can be a real problem check it out.

Can you elaborate about the laminations?

I'm concerned that the heavy transformer will vibrate. I suspect they have ssome kind of damping to keep vibrationat a minimum when resting on its botttom. But what happens when that weight is suspended  from the  cabinet. Then too, IIUC, Eric is saying that the lamination may be problematic

I have talked to Wally. he says it should work. But I suspect this is as much guess as anything. No disrespect meant.


If it can survive shipping where it is violently thrown around, it will survive being gently placed on its side.
May be the best answer yet.
Hey OP,

The reason a transformer hums has to do with the quality of the AC, and it's internal construction.  DC on the line, caused by too much draw from the positive or negative AC power is the usual suspect, as are manufacturing deficiencies in construction.

You can read about this in much more detail here:


But the point is, the orientation of the transformer in regards to the earth is not what causes it, nor is the chasis design. Mechanical hum is a matter of the transformer, and incoming power. Now, it is certainly possible that hum may be louder in one orientation than another. :)

none taken. Too often people ask for help from those who do not have a vested interest in the outcome, which is why I directed you to the source