Has anyone paired Ayre with Raidho

Dear all,

Has anyone had experience of paring Raidho D2 with Ayre integrates? I have seem many peoples claiming success with Jeff Rowland gears. Just wondering if I should keep me Ayre while waiting for the Raidho coming in.

Whould you really sell your amp before you got your new speakers just because someone on this thread said it wasn't a good combo?
A friend of mine loves the Naim Supernait 2 with his D2's. I would think the Ayre would be great.
Hi Dancingking, admittedly I do love rowland gear. It is also true that when I heard the Rowland Continuum S2 integrated driving Raidho D1 speakers, the combination was quite magic. The Raidho team seems also to be favoring Rowland for their shows and demos.

On the other hand, you have not yet received your D2s.... And after receiving them, you need to break them in fully before understanding what they do with your existing AYRE electronics.... Only at that time you might be able to "grock" if the combination is magic to your ears, or it is perhaps worth experiment with different electronics like Rowland if you quest for high resolution with a musically "organic" sound, or a different brand if your sonic taste takes you elsewhere.
Ayre can be kinda dry, so not sure a good match for Raidho.
A friend of mine is running the Ayre stereo amp (forget which one) with Raidho D3's and loves the combination. Definitely don't sell the Ayre until you try it. He was saying the same thing as you while waiting for his D3's to arrive and is now super glad he kept the Ayre.

He's stopped looking for amps and just listens to his glorious sounding speakers now....

I've heard the D2's, and own the D3's and previously owned the D1's. Yeah, I'm a fan!
Thanks fellows for your kind responses. Appreciated.

I will definitely keep my Ayre gear before my D2 arrives. As a matter of fact, I love the sound of Ayre a lot and the timbre generated through my current paradigm s6 are just wonderful. I am just a bit concerned that they will not match very well with Raidho which I am so impressed and decide to pull the trigger without much thought. In the end, we all need to build the system around the speaker.

My journey just started..
A friend is using the Ayre VX-5 with D3 and it sounds AMAZING! He's adding the companion preamp soon and I expect quality to go up.