Has anyone owned Triode Co. products?

Has anyone owned or anyone heard of the Japanese company Triode Corp. They make good products is what my dealer say and also he sale's.

How is this company compared to Cary Audio?

I am probably willing to try one of there tube preamps and tube phono preamp with my new cary cad120s which is a triode tube circuit.
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I own their integrated and cd player and they sound wonderful and the craftsmanship of their product is beyond excellent. I have owned cary in the past also excellent products. Should be ok together ask the dealer for a home trial if you can.
buy Linemagnetic, far superior!
Hi Jakecanada,

I own the Triode Pre-amp, their CD player, and the Triode DAC and love them all.
The tube pre-amp TRX-1 is a no-brainer, with my pass aleph 3 its magical. Its got good reviews on Absolute sound too. I think you should definitely get their pre-amp.

I am also trying to decide if I should get their phono pre-amp, but am not sure what the retail price for this product is, since its relatively unknown.

I had done a shootout with Triode DAC vs Benchmark vs NAD M51, and I liked Triode the best.

But of the 3 triode product I own, have to say the pre-amp is the best. It even has graphic equalizers which in the audiophile land a big no-no, but some records or rooms really need help. This graphic equalizer is by-passable too, so if you think it might degrade your sound, you can bypass it.
The multitude of inputs and outputs on this Pre-amp and a great anodized aluminium remote, makes this pre-amp my favorite component.

I only wish this equipment was dual-voltage, since I often travel outside the USA for months at a time.

Hope that helps, feel free to message me , if you need more details.
I've heard their CD player and 845 PSET amplifier at CES this year and the sound in that system was exceptionally good. They appear to be very well built.
My really long response this AM did not make to this thread. So let me try again.

I own the Triode Preamp TRX-1, the CD player and the Triode DAC.

All 3 are outstanding. The tube pre-amp is a no-brainer, very well built, fantastic sounding. Even has tone-controller (that can be bypassed) that I use for bad records with boomy bass. A well crafted anodized all aluminium remote that is a pleasure to use. Sounds fantastic with my pass Aleph 3 and Coincident Dragon amplifiers. 5 inputs and 3 outputs. This Pre-amp is convenient and musical.

The DAC, I did a shoot out against NAD M51 (Stereophile A+) and Benchmark DAC1, and it handily beat it. The DAC has a remote !!??

The CD Player sounds almost as good as the DAC.

Once again, the pre-amp is a no brainer, at its price point can't think of a way do better than it.
I have listened to them in various demos. They sound superb and the build quality is very high. I have not owned one. I listened to the CD player and the integrated amps trv-35se and 88. I have not listened to the 300b as I don't have speakers that sensitive.
Thanks you guys for your imput it really helps knowing more about this product!

The last question I have is can you order triode pruductd in a black face plate? My cary cd player and cary amp have black face plates so would like to keep it that way.