Has anyone owned ML 390s and ARC CD3-Mk2 ???


I'm thinking of buying a better cd player than mine, and I hesitate beetween those both.

I've listen to the both and my thinking is that the CD3 souds better, in a very analogic and more emotional way than the 390s.

But hearing a player in a shop is not the same as having it at home all the time, and I've been told that living with a ML 390s was something very fabulous.

So if anyone of you all have had the opportunity to live with those 2 players, can you please let me know what you think about those 2 players.

Thanks a lot for your help,
Best regards,
FWIW, if you are considering CD3 MkII you should know that it sounds considerably better through XLR than it does through RCA outputs. So if you heard it in the store running through single-ended cables, you basically haven't heard its full potential. You'll benefit more from it if you have a balanced pre-amp. CD3 MkII is an excellent cd player I think.

Can't comment on ML player...never heard it.
I've owned a 390S for 3 years and loved it, both musically and for its usability. It's only with the advent of the dCS P8i and my purchase of it, a much better, but MUCH MORE expensive machine, that I've decided to sell my 390S. Please check out my ad. I can go on about soundstage, detail, bass slam, etc., but know that Stereophile still considers it a Class A CD player.