Has anyone owned both P500 & hydra 8 / guardian

I curreently use my PS Audio P-500 but was wondering about the Hydra or maybe just the Guardian for my amp. Has anyone owned
both or done a side by side ?

I have used several power conditioners over the last 8-10 years, including the ones you mentioned (they are excellent.) For me, the most recent game changer is the Acoustic Revive RTP-2, -4, or-6. They are expensive, but it is surprising how much better they are in my system. They are the only conditioner that I have used on my monoblock amps that have bettered plugging them into the wall/dedicated circuits. You can demo them and see what they do for your system.

Good luck
Thanks for the tip. Although both good, did you like the Shunyata or PS better ?
I've owned the PS300, PS Premier also, but the Hydra is a more natural bigger soundstage (romantic), the Powerplants give you more dynamics, and if you put an amplifier on it does choke it a little, depending on the power requirements for the amp.

Get a Hydra instead of the Guardian..