Has anyone opinions on the Classe CAP 151


I looking at the Classe CAP 151 integrated and was wondering if anyone has any opinions that they may offer.


I have listende to it 2 years ago, I liked it but in the end I bought a Jeff Rowland Concentra which had more warmth and body.

I've had mine for a few years now and I like it a lot. Plenty of power for my Magnepan 1.6's. It's a simple system, not too much to comment on, it just works.
Feel free to ask more questions.
Thanks for your replies, i have heard the 151 but I am not sure if i am sold just yet. I want to have a listen to the new Krell 400ix integrated and see how that stacks up.
I enjoyed my CAP151 when I owned it. It out performed the CA100 and CP35 I thought I was upgrading to. Classe makes a decent integraded amp for the money. I believe it is better than their entry level separates.