Has anyone NOT listened to their system for a long time?

As I went to the basement (i.e., listening room) the other day, I happened upon the Hem "Departure and Farewell" lp leaning up against the LSA Statement amp. I had been testing whether I could get rid of a slight distortion I was hearing through the VPI HW-19 Mk 4 turntable -- testing back in late August. 

I hadn't really made the time for any serious listening since then. Is this normal? I have two children - a 3- and a 5-year old, and a full time teaching job. So my evenings are filled and by 10 pm I'm ready for bed.

Has anyone else ever NOT listened to music via their system for a while? If so, why?
@acresverde https://www.amazon.com/Departure-Farewell-Hem/dp/B00BDSRC7C

Beautiful composed, executed, and produced indie-folk a la Innocence Mission and others. Hem is a Brooklyn-based project that's been around for a decade or more.
Yes because of an unenviable place due to a mean spirited divorce.  She got the house I got garbage.  Lest you think I am kidding you- I asked my son to retrieve my preamp, he did so when I was led to believe that the audio was mine.  She is keeping the rest of the gear even though she doesn't even realize that she can't play it. It goes on and worse from there.
Barring actual uncontrollable events or conflicts (theft, extended travel, legal seizure, prison, etc.) the amount of time that one chooses to spend listening to MUSIC is a direct reflection of one’s priorities. The question of “Why I don’t spend more time listening to music?” is an important one that should be asked more often by “audiophiles”. I don’t like the over-broad umbrella of Audiophile because it includes both equipment-o-philes and music-o-philes. Two different camps with different motivations that derive their audio satisfaction levels differently yet are grouped together under one broad definition and whom I often see talking past each other and they often don't even realize it.
Yes, when I worked at the record industry.
Yes, when it gets too cold in the basement and when I choose to listen to new music on the PC - YouTube (T-amp/13vPSU, Wharfedale Diamonds.) Or when I watch music DVDs of live gigs on my projector rig. (EICO HF35 tube monobloc amps, Spendor SP2/2 speakers.)