Has anyone networked their Cambridge 751-bd

Can someone share their experience networking their 751-BD. That is streaming media files from server.

How well does it work?
What server software do use?
Any issues with specific media formats such flac, mkv, flv?

Currently I am using Serviio to network my Panasonic Viera TV, I would like to keep using this setup and simply add the UD player.
I have streamed both music and movies across a network using ethernet cable connected from the 751 to my modem/router.

I stopped doing this and went back to using USB because at the time this player did not support playback of MKV or FLAC over the network. This may not be the case anymore since firmware upgrades but I have not bothered to check. I would contact them about this first.

The source 'server' was just my Windows 7 desktop computer. To do this I went into Windows Media Player, right clicked on either Music or videos and clicked on 'Manage Library'. Here I added the folders I wanted to share across the network. After rebooting all machines the 751BD should be able to detect these folders.

With your Serviio setup I suspect the 751 will just see the drives and allow you to browse into them.
How About with the OPPO BDP-95?
Agisthos thanks for your input. Can you watch /listen to mkv/flac using the usb?