Has anyone modified a Miller & Kreisel subwoofer

I wanted to pose a question to the general audience here...I am the owner of a pair of ,,,well,,, not sure if you can call them vintage but Miller and Kreisel (M&K) S-2B's two way satelites with a matching V-2b sub.This is a great match for what I am trying to accomplish with my set up,but of late I have been curious about modifying the Subwoofer as I notice it is sort of slow and muddy,I would also like it to have more control,when I say I now notice b/c as my system evolves,these shortcomings are more evident.
I would also like it to have more control.
My question is this has anyone had any success with changing the caps within the sub,to maybe a teflon cap(faster,more transparent cap) ala V-caps is this posible?
I'd love to keep this SUB,is this an example of diminishing returns as the SUB is now dated?
The V2b sub is a good sub. I will put out plenty of low clean bass. I have two of them set up for the left and right speakers. I made new cabinets, removed the plate amp to their own enclousure. I changed the wire from the plate amp to the sub. Added spikes to the bottom of the subs. I also changed the power cord to the amp.
If you find out what caps/resistors to change let us know.
If the sub has a foam surround - make sure it's in good shape and hasn't started to deteriorate . . . if it has, then get it re-foamed.

I take it that this is a sealed-box type . . . the first thing to try would be to put a bunch more stuffing inside the box - available at Parts Express, Madisound, and others. This will have the effect of making the sub a bit less efficient, and making its rolloff more gradual - this will generally reduce the amount of energy in that boomy region. It's cheap, easy, and reversible.
E-mail your question to Dave Fabrikant at Ascend Acoustics as he a former M&K engineer who worked on many of their earlier subs.

Newb I caught your response late.I appreciate your help
just to make sure I got the right site is this primarily surround sound speaker systems?

Also thanks Kirkus

Yes! Contact the "Electro Mavin" in Athens, TN. He purchased all of Ken Kreisel's last iteration of sub drivers, the "Superfast Deep Bass." They are a direct replacement driver and work well in the V-2b. Check e-bay or do a search.

Now, these are single coil drivers, but perform very well. I use a Y-adapter, and think the two sides of the plate amp might be summed. Anyway, the sound is vastly improved. My mains are Zu Druid speakers, 101 db @ 1W and are very fast, quite sensitive. Frankly, the old M&K drivers sounded like mud when paired with the Druid mains. But now, lower octaves slide seamlessly under the the midbass and create no "hump." I was so pleased that I bought another old M&K V-2b and replaced that driver. I like the forward firing of these most attractive twins for detail and impact (my music interests are quite broad). Quite a bargain.

I am experimenting now by de-coupling them from the floor by raising them on Lovan racks. It is apparent that assymetrical placement loads the room better. Good Luck and let me know how you make out.