Has anyone mixed tubes

I have a set of CJ Premier 12's and recently got the bug to change tubes, I was using the stock tubes that CJ supplies.
I purchased a complete set of cryo-treated tubes that included 4 (6550) Valve Arts, 2 (6FQ7) RCA Cleartops and 1 (5751) JAN for each amp. After listening for a few days I realized that the new tubes had better bass and air but I had lost some detail and focus. So I mixed the tubes, using 2 CJ and 2 Valve Art 6550's and one CJ JAN and one RCA Cleartop 6FQ7. The result was just wonderful, got the detail and focus plus the bass and air. Has anyone had a similar experience mixing tubes?
That is one of the wonderful things about tube gears. As long as the tubes are compatible (e.g., 6550 and KT88), then I have mixed them or with different brands and if better result suits my taste, I will go for it.