Has anyone matched the Hsu VTF-3 MK 3 & Quad ESL57

Has anyone matched the Hsu VTF-3 MK 3 with Quad ESL57

I asked their sub's company for this and they sent me avoidance with Quad 11 L and 22 L both are Dynamic speakers

I need to make a buying decision and make sure that this sub is fast enough to work well with my Quad ESL 57/Quad 909 amp and Quad 99 preamp.

Has anyone used these 2 together or for that matter any other Electrostatic speaker with the Has anyone matched the Subwoofer: HSU VTF3-MKIII with your electrostatic one.

Any suggestion on this match for my Quad ESL 57?
I would not expect that subwoofer to be among those that might match well with ESLs - 'fast' is not really one of their strengths.

The Rel Strata used to be recommended for the 57 regularly.

The best solution would probably be some kind of OB sub but you are likely looking at either lots of woofer area or EQ.