Has anyone matched a pair of Zu Omens (2010 no upgrades) with a Peachtree Grand X1 amp?

Has anyone matched a pair of Zu Omens speakers (2010 , no upgrades) with a Peachtree Grand Intergrated X-1 amp? I've been running my Omens with a NuPrime IDA-8 amp but came into the Peachtree X-1 and couldn't resist. I wired direct to my IMac via USB cable. I'm Running J. Rivers 
any insight or suggestions are appreciated for a new comer just getting back into music again. 
I suggest you try to contact member schw06 for this type of query. he has much experience with zu speakers and many amp topologies, including peachtree. perhaps he might be willing to lend his opinion.
Thank you 
I have a set of Omen 1Bs matched with a Peachtree receiver. For the money hard to beat. Very dynamic and revealing, very good bass. 
It is live concert volumes for sure. Pure, clean articulate and so much fun.