Has anyone made interconnects using Duelund 2.0 Silver Foil?

Years ago, I made a pair of 1/8 width silver foil interconnects, for my home built tube preamp and 300B PP tube amps. 4 Nines silver from Myron Toback in NYC, individually wrapped in Teflon tape, then wrapped together.  Sounds good, but I just broke one, so I am looking for for maybe something a little different.
How would the Duelund foil work out, either lightly twisted together, or placed in sheathing, or wrapped together in teflon tape.
Or is the Helix design a better option, could that be used with foil or is the round wire a better option.  Since the Duelund foil is so expensive, I am looking for more of a proven design.  I will be using the KLEI Absolute Harmony  RCA plugs.
Jeff from Brooklyn

Best option, tape the foil ribbons together as closely spaced as possible. Then tape or insulate over that. Then surround the whole thing with something protective, cotton braid maybe, something like that. Just to cushion and protect from damage. Finally cover the whole thing with a mesh sheath for durability.  

Study the Max Townshend paper, been published here in threads a couple times most recently by flaxxer only a week or so ago. You will see ribbons constructed like that are the best geometry. It won't be as good as a Townshend but it will probably be one of the best DIY interconnects you can make.
This is how Mapleshade's been doing it for many a year:

I still have a pair in my stash box as I've graduated to Darwin ICs, which sound better.

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Of course. Because Mapleshade misses the one key ingredient, the importance of having the two ribbons extremely close together. They have them far apart and not even consistent, just two separate ribbons. The configuration that tests the absolute worst of all!
How about the DH Labs pure silver, shielded IC cable in bulk?  Not nearly as fancy as home made foil with cotton insulator, but I like them, so much I stopped really trying to get better.

+1 for the Helix - but then I do have a little bit of a bias :-)

Seriously - give the Helix a try. A few members use them and love them

You might be able to use the silver foil as the signal conductor if you can insulate it.

But the UP-OCC solid silver wire is probably the best conductor on the market right now 

If you haven't read this thread yet...


Just focus on the last 2-3 pages

I'm using 2 x 18 gauge bare UP-OCC copper (Neotec) inside a teflon tube for the signal conductor and the results are stunning

Regards - Steve
Millercarbon, that is exactly how I built my previous cable, and is how I would wrap the Duelunds, if I go with that.
Steve, Maybe I will try the Helix, maybe a bit less expensive if I do a single strand of silver. Which silver wire and gauge do you like?
@jcny111 - I used Mundorf Solid silver bare wire with 1% gold, But some prefer the VH Audio UP-OCC solid silver.

However - when I tried the UP-OCC solid copper from VH Audio it outperformed the Mundorf Silver/gold by a noticeable margin,
I then tried Neotech UP-OCC solid Copper and could not tell the difference, so I now use that in all my Cables and they sound stunning AND it is a lot more affordable.

I have tried the Neotec UP-OCC copper and and the VH Audio UP-OCC copper in IC’s and I could not tell the difference, but the heaviest VH Audio gauge is 18, so I use the Neotech.

I get the Neotec wire from HiFi collective because
  • they sell by the meter and I think it works out a little cheaper
  • their courier shipping is fast - 3 days normally
  • but, you might get a bill for duties - normally between $10-$20
  • if you select the postal service you do not pay the duties
The very latest IC’s use 2 x 18 gauge bare UP-OCC wires twisted together inside a larger teflon tube and that assembly has a cotton sleeve which is then placed inside the helix coil.

Hope that helps - Steve
Several weeks went by as I tend to overthink everything and I ordered 12 feet of VH Audio 18 awg OCC Silver and 48 feet of 16 awg Silver plated wire.  Unfortunately, I actually ordered 14 awg by mistake!  I want to do the double /double.  Would you guys build it with the 14 awg, single or double, or order some 16 awg?  Will the 14 awg even fit thru the KLEI Absolute Harmony connector?  This is for an interconnect between a tube preamp and amp.
I used to use Neotech Cables, Moved to Purist Audio and now I use Albedo Silver Cables and Purist Audio mixed into the system.