Has anyone lost their best friend?

I have been blessed by the companionship of a Weimaraner/Doberman mix who was with us for 10 years. He loved to sit on the couch with me and listen to music. The loss of
his companionship has left a void that I was not ready for.
I can understand how much it must hurt to loss your companion. We do grow attached to them very much.
So sorry to hear of your loss.
I feel your loss. I still miss and mourn the loss of my dog, Buffy, a lab/shepherd mix, who died 4 years ago. She was a good spirit, and I miss her dearly.

I had to say goodbye to my Cocker Spaniel last October. He was 15 and a great friend. I still miss him very much.
My sympathy for your loss.
We can never be ready for death of a friend no matter how much we don't remind ourselves of their value. But that is how we grow to treasure more all of our friends while they are with us. I used to well up after they died, now I can do it just thinking about it.

My heart goes out to you for your loss.
My most sincere sympathies. I have lost 3 best friends over the last 15 years, and each passing seemed to hurt more than the preceding one. We adopted our German Shepherd ( the third dog that we lost) when she was 4 years old; and 3 weeks after my wife of almost 48 years underwent successful surgery for colon cancer, Quanda was diagnosed with spleen and liver cancer and had to be put to sleep on January 1, 2007. She was only with us for 4 years. As a tribute to all that she gave us, within a month we adopted another dog from a rescue agency: Peach, a female terrier mix who is a total (thoroughly and deservedly spoiled) joy and loves sitting with me in my listening room. This Friday, May 2, Peach will have been a part of the family for 15 months.
Likewise we have experienced a similar loss. It was as if I lost one of my children - that was 7 years ago and I still get tears! It is my belief that they will all be waiting for us on the other-side when our turn comes!! Ours stuck around the house for a week or so after the passing - we could hear her footsteps in the kitchen and an occasional bark at the back door. A house visitor heard it as well.

I share your loss!
I went through a period a few years back where I lost my two franchise kitties, Sylvester (16 years old) and Scooter (13 years old) within a few months of each other. Both were street rescues as kittens. These guys meant the world to me. Archie (17 years old - his picture appears in a few of my system shots) is nearing the end of the line. I have kept him alive over the last 3 years by giving him daily medications and fluids.

If it helps any, this is how I keep it in perspective ... our pets didn't want to leave, it was just their time to go.

Take care,

OK, enuff! I was at the rescue shelter yesterday looking at boxer mixes to adopt and then I read this...LOL...how fitting!
Seriously...my condolences to you all. My shepherd, Max, died a few years ago. What a great dog and a great personality.
It hurts beyond words to suffer the loss of a special friend. When you get to heaven your dog will be waiting to welcome you.
I want to thank all of you who responded - Moses would come in to my listening room when he heard Blues. I will eventually
try to rescue a Doberman - later.

It makes this time easier knowing this bond exists with each of you.
Thank You
This may help:

Kmulkey: Get the Boxer! Salsa is our second one - I alluded to the loss of our first one (Phoebe) above. Talk about a family member!! The hard part is what Dapom is experiencing today and it comes for all of us sooner or later.
I lost my good friend Paul a few years ago when I lived in NJ. He was a great guy and loved by his family and all who knew him. We'd go to audio club meetings together and invite eachother over to listen to our latest musical finds.

But he developed a rare form of skin cancer that took him out in a couple of months. It was very sad.

I've since moved to Tucson and haven't made a friend like Paul here as yet. Everyone seems so self-absorbed and too busy to drive 20 minutes and spend an hour or so listening to great music. That's pretty sad as well. I can still hear Paul's laugh. So don't take your friends for granted. The day you will miss them comes all too quickly.
We had a Miniature Poodle, Spike for 14 years. He was my wife's dog before we even married. He passed away in October 2006. We were so sad(I actually cried, beleive it or not), that I did not think I will ever want another dog. After much debate, we finally decided.
Did some research, found a breeder and I was on my way. Actually drove for almost 4 hours one way. Total of 8 hours of driving in one day.
Picked up a black/silver Miniature Schnauzer puppy boy in December, almost 1 and 1/2 years after Spike. It's amazing how quickly these guys become part of our lifes. He's so much fun, my son loves him(he was missing Spike big time) and he's just becoming a great companion.
For what it may be worth in comforting you. Dogs are one of God's best creations. The love unconditionally. We could learn from them on what true love really is. When my best buddy goes, it will devistate me. I thank God for giving him to me for this short time. We have a pact that if he goes first he will be there waiting for me, and if I go first I will come get him when he needs me.
If love could have saved your friend, he would have lived forever.
As a dog owner my whole life (currently have 3) I have loved and unfortunately lost a number in my 51 years. Each loss hurts so terribly, it seems unbearable.

An old country vet told me something many years ago when we had to put my beloved "Booker" down. She was 15 and had begun to suffer. This old vet looked me in the eye and said

"dogs don't fear death- that's a human affliction. This girl is old and sick, and to leave this world is a natural and intuitive part of her life's path. Your job as her buddy is to let her go calmly and peacefully""

Sure, it seems obvious, but I found comfort in the fact that she didn't fear her end as she left me.

Hang in there buddy. That love never leaves as long as YOU'RE still alive.
I can also relate...

We lost Dune (gave him that name because we found him on the beach - lifeguard brought one of the pups with him to work one day), a German Shepherd in 2001 after 16.5 years.

Things come full circle as we found Scout at a championship breeder almost 2 years ago. She was a rescue dog, as the home where they originally placed her was just crazy. It's been a lot of work getting her to trust us, but the end result is worth it. My father was DEAD SET AGAINST us getting another dog in the most angry of ways, as he felt Dune couldn't be replaced. That all went up in smoke in about 2 milliseconds when he saw that she looks EXACTLY like Dune, except for the fact that she's twice as big. It's uncanny...
Great post dapom, thanks for sharing your story. I'm guessing that many of those reading this thread have already given they're pets a bit more TLC today...I know I have.

Yep, 2 weeks ago, 3 legged black lab named Coltrane. Running and listening companion. Requiescat in pace.
Dapom, I feel for you and for everybody else who posted here.
My Dalmatian, Fan-Fan, always joined me for my listening sessions, laying at, but mostly on my feet. I lost him a year ago. I miss him very much.
Due to health issues I dont leave the house very much and have a Canine and Feline buddy here with me to keep me company when everyone is at work and such. A few weeks ago it hit me like it does every now and then of how hard it will be when I am forced to say goodbye to either of my friends but then they do something that makes me laugh and I shake it off and enjoy the moment.
Here is an example of how goofy I am, I have a file folder with a Ziploc bag of each friends hair as I am convined in not too distant future there is a chance we can clone our friends..............I need help lol!
Chadnliz, rent Schwarzenegger's "The Sixth Day" with your little buddies at your side. That movie may cure you of your itch to bring Fido back!
My "Precious" is a 4 yr old female Rotty- a most loving, affectionate companion who always listens at my side.
I am sorry to hear of your loss as I would miss my Precious dearly.
No Sci-Fi movie could ever convince me that I wouldnt want a chance once again to have a friend similar to those I have now, no matter how silly the story is.
Hey Chadnliz,
My health too is weakened from injury.
I'd love Precious to be able to return, when she does go, but I doubt I could afford it. Have you considered cost?
Yes I have and to be honest I doubt it will ever be affordable to people on fixed incomes like me or even the common man but ya never know. Maybe in a silly way its more symbalic of my feelings and desire to presrve the bond.
Very sorry to hear about your loss.

The best way of getting over the loss of ones pet is to get another!, whilst the memories will be filled with love and sadness a new 'puppy' will keep you entertained and help one move forward. We have three poochy moochies at present, a 13 year old Siberian Husky 5th generation timber wolf, a 6 yr old rott/shep mix that we brought over from Europe with us (at huge cost, but worth every penny), lastly and newest a very young stray lab/pit mix (we think), with no tag or chip!We are never intentionally on the look out to enlarge our pack but we seem to be drawn to strays.After notifying the police and the humane society the owners never came forward, so we legally adopted her. What a bean! Now I feel I am the odd one out as the only male in the 'pack'. I am always worried every day the missus comes home coz she may have another 'family' member with her, lol.
A big 'up' to all the no kill dog rescue centers!
Dapom, know that you are not alone.

Last year we lost our 17 year old Persian who, we are convinced, had a fine ear for music. Whenever I would sit down for a listening session, he would jump up and sit with me on the arm of the sofa, always facing the system, close his eyes and, I conclude, just listen with me. Max Richter was one the arists he always liked, especially the "Blue Notebooks" and "Songs From Before" albums.

He too is deeply missed.
And, perhaps it is the experience of such "voids" that shows us why it so important to value that which makes us truly happy.
It makes me sad just thinking about your loss. My little buddy sits with me and listens to music almost every night. You will never forget your friend, but it is okay love another and to allow them to love you back. As you read this, there is a worthy friend just waiting to be loved. Go find that friend to share your life and music with.
Beautiful posts all. There is one thing in this world I love more than music and that is my 14 year old lab Grady. She is never too tired to walk with me-too bored too listen too me-Always happy to see me, never asks for anything in return. Knowing the time we have together is relatively short, I cherish every moment and that is part of the beauty of dogs. When Grady's time comes I will miss her more than words can say but I won't have any regrets because we make the most of every minute together. If people were half as nice as dogs the world would be a much better place. Thanks Dapom for sharing your sorrow of the passing of your buddy.
I thought I would tell everyone who has been kind enough
to share stories of the "best friend" in their lives, We
went and rescued a 8 month old pup. She is Bull mastiff &
Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, she is an excellent dog!
We have not had the chance to find out what music she
prefers yet.
Dapom, congrats and good luck!!!