Has anyone listened to zHORNS?

They look like a nice speaker. Any opinions would be appreciated.


I recently, or more like 1 month ago, bought the Garuda cabinets from Tom. I placed my own Fostex 208 Sigma drivers, still available at Madisound, as well as putting some spiking feet on them. To drive them, at first I had a Assemblage 300B Platinum edition and as a preamp, I had a First Sound Presence Deluxe. For source, a DVD deck, as well as a Bel Canto DAC-1.0. When I began listening to them, I was not necessarily impressed with the sound. Nevertheless, after spiking them up, and setting them up correctly, I was rather astonish at the resolution, as well as the fluidity of presentation that these set up gave me. Just after I set them up first, I decided to get new amplification, not that the former was any worse. I got the 47 Labs Shigaraki Integrated, after reading some reviews, as well as what Tom told me about them. Since I connected the Shigarakis, to the Z-horns, they simply deliver the sound, effortlessly, as well as very expressively. The bass, for what is worth, is more than sufficient, but because of me being a little basshappy, due to my other dynamic speaker set ups, I have gotten a subwoofer, to take care of low. Now, the set up is complete, the subs take care of what low needs to be reproduced and the mid, as well as the highs are GLORIOUS. The Bel Canto DAC 1.0 is gone, being replaced with a DAC 2.0. For cabling I run the 47 Labs OTA for the horns, for the subs, a pair of audioquest cables. All is Great and ALIVE with these new set up. ZHorn designs are affordable and a great bang for the buck.
I personally feel that the other outfit, the hornshoppe horns are rather overpriced for the performance.
I'm listening to a small zHORN (DAKINI model I believe) with a 4 inch Fostex Sigma on daily basis - and it is a delightful speaker. I've never listened to a single driver crossoverless speaker before, but now I'm glad I did, all those expectations about more natural lively coherent sound are true. I probably get less bass than the previous commentator with larger CARUDA cabinets, but it seems sufficient for me now. I do not feel like I need a subwoofer (which I never had anyway). I can offer a comparison with Celestions SL600 - rather legendary to this day speakers with astonishing soundstage and imaging - well, the DAKINIs are overall preferable, they are only thinner (maybe a tad brighter) at the top - a tribute to the SL600's copper tweeter that gives voices more solid golden ring, but in all other departments, including the imaging, they shine and have a better bass and midrange. I do not know if Tom makes any money in this endevour, but the speakers are more than a bargain, and Tom is a great philanthropist.
I think I might have been one of the first owners of the Heruka-this model uses the 6 in. Fostex driver.I had Tom(the designer)custom build my cabinets at 39 inches tall which is slightly taller than the standard model.I did alot of research about single drivers before purchasing them and felt that having the driver at exactly my ear level might avoid potential "beaming" that some single drivers can exihit.But guess what? No such problem! These things image wonderfully.They have a totally uncolored yet natural and beautiful mid-range and absolutely phenomenal bass.I listen to alot of the better hip hop,pop,and rock music and these babies serve the music extremely well.Hard to believe with just a single driver- I attribute much of this to the rear horn loaded cabinet design and Tom's choice of materials.I think ultimately the magic of these speakers come from the fact there is no crossover.Unless your Albert Von Schweikert or some other near genius,hearing a speaker with no crossover network is darn near a revelatory experience.Those parts,even if there are just a few,do tend to mask some things. So my opinion,Two Ear Drums Up!