Has anyone listened to the Wyred 4 Sound ICE amps?

Ive been reading more and more of these types of amps-which employ the ICE circuitry. Who has listened to any of these, in particular the Wyred 4 Sound amps. Thanks.
Have you done a search in the Agon fora for Wire4Sound, for ICEpower, or for 'class D'? There are already a few threads that deal with Wired4Sound and other class D amplifiers. Guido
almost 20 threads on this amp. check the arch.
I have owned a Wyred 4 sound ST-1000 now for about 4 months and am very happy with it. I run it with a Bryston SP2 processor and Tyler Acoustics D1 loudspeakers and think the sound is excellent. The Wyred seems to be a very neutral amp -- is not etched or hard at all, and yet does not strip away the air away from the recording (I have heard class D amps in the past that suffered in this respect). The bass is very defined and tight, which is to be expected with this type of amp, but the area I was very pleasantly surprised at was the midrange. The amp really conveys the 'life' in the recording -- I do not find it analytical to the point of being sterile, but yet it is very revealing and detailed.

I have read the comments of some on agon who initially fell in love with a class D amp and then months into ownership found it to be fatiguing. I have listened to the amp for well over 500 hours, often for many hours at a time, and have never found the sound to become irritating. I did find the sound improved quite a bit during the first 200 hours or so, with the major changes coming after the first 50 hours.

As with all things audio, preferences differ so ymmv, but I am impressed enough that I will be purchasing a multi-channel amp to complete my surround system. I suggest you email or call the folks at Wyred (I dealt with E.J.) -- they very patiently answered all my questions and were not pushy at all.

Oh yeah, another huge plus for me living in AZ is the amp runs incredibly cool, not like some other 'floor heaters' I have had in my room. It's nice to be able to watch a movie and not feel like you are in a sauna when the movie is over!