Has anyone listened to the new Dave Matthews CD?

I got this today and it sounds pretty amazing. Nice tight bass and wide soundstage. And on top of all that its a solid album.
I have the vinyl and it is very good. I'm not a big DMB fan but enjoy this quite a bit.

It`s great. I like it a lot. Good sound on the McIntosh system.
One of DMB's better offerings in some time.
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It is mastered a little hot but it is a good one - they nailed it!
I would say that it is his best album since Crash. The last few seem to have been worse than the other. This is a very good change of direction for DMB.

You may also want to check out the new Ben Harper album. It is also better than his last few attempts.
Drewfidelity, I have the new ben harper and I agree, it is very good. I really want to see him in concert, since i have heard he is amazing live.
I'm a fan of D.M.'s music, even though I often times can't understand the meaning of the lyrics, but I find the recording levels way too pumped up.
So, has anyone compared the vinyl to the CD yet? Which one should I get?

I have heard from several sources that the vinyl is a bit better. But I havent done direct comparisons myself.
I'm a fan of D.M.'s music, even though I often times can't understand the meaning of the lyrics, but I find the recording levels way too pumped up.

Yeah - I have concluded that it gets fatiguing or just too busy for heavy rotation especially when Dave sings which he is incapable of doing well. As Pee Wee Willis once said "music it is more about what you don't play".
I have the CD and record on the way- can't wait as I am a big fan. His shows are legendary if you have never been it's a treat. In my mid 50's I go every year and sing along with all the others from my 15 year old daughter to old farts like myself. My fav concert was Fenway Park (grew up around there and I'm a big Sox fan) The cd from that concert actually sounds pretty good.
I am glad that they finally put a vinyl album out, the older vinyl is out of my price range. I saw a DMB 45 go for $350- last week on EBay!
I love this album. My personal favorite since Busted Stuff.
I like the music, (I agree his best in a few years), but the vinyl seems very compressed.
Rather disappointing actually, give that his music seems like a natural for vinyl, given the acoustic type of instruments that some of the band members play.

Oh well, I guess I will just have to be satisfied playing my vinyl copy of 'Before These Crowded Streets', which is pressed much better, IMHO. (And Yeah, I am bragging a little that I have a copy!) :-)
Kurt- how did you come across a copy of "Crowded Street"

That's just down the list from a hens tooth.
I do see a CD, video and cassette copies of "Crowded Streets" available but never saw a vinyl copy. I did see one person claim to have a signed copy of this album, listed as a prized possession.

If you're every in need of cash in a hurry you could get a pretty penny for that one.

Zenblaster and Bob,

When I first got back into vinyl about 6 years ago, I was, coincidentally, also very much into Dave Matthews at the same time. So, I looked around for any vinyl that he had out and found that there was only one OOP LP available from him. So I started watching Ebay, and after a month or so I managed to find a copy relatively cheap. (I think I paid about $40-50 for a near mint copy - now that same record tends to go for about $200-300.) It is indeed a very nice pressing and the sonics are very good as well.

Why do you think that Dave Matthew's record company never bothered to have his albums pressed on vinyl? I would think that someone could make a fair amount of money if they were to do a good pressing of this records, particularly the first two.
I love their live shows and go regularly. I hope the vinyl lives up to my expectations.

I saw a DMB 45 go for , I believe $365- 2 weeks ago on Ebay.

Great deal you got Kurt.

Being a DMB fan, I'm sure you are enjoying the music more than the financial appreciation.