has anyone listened to the new bat vk-52se

i am considering an upgrade to the vk-52se from my vk-51se.
i do not have a dealer near me to go listen to it. i am interested in anyones input as to the sound qualities of the vk-52se, and how it compares (pro's and cons) to the vk-51se.

i am not intersted in comparisons to the "rex" as i could not afford 18k for it anyway.

also please, no comparisons to any other preamps from other companies as i am only interested in the vk-52se vs. vk-51se

Waiting for experiences with VK-52se VK-32se VK-32 too.


balanced just sounds better.
According to BAT there is no upgrade path from the 51SE to the 52SE. In otherwords, you cannot upgrage a 51 to a 52. You can, however, upgrade a 52 to a Rex.