Has anyone listened to the Marantz sa8004?

Has anyone listened to the new Marantz sa8004 and can comment on it or compare it to other SACD players?
Opinions on vintage Dual turntables
I still have and use a 501 that's got to be 35 to 40 years old, it still does a very fine job. I've had other makes that have come, gone and or died over the years but this thing is like the energizer bunny it just keeps going and going. I would have to agree with Jaybo there a number of vintage and newer models that are extremely good and worth considering. Or you can go and spend $20K on some silly looking thing thats touted to be the be all and end all of turntables.
by Wizard454
I just received the Marantz 8004 last week. It is connected to a Naim Nait XS as a second system in my office. All I can say is this SACD DAC is exactly what I have been looking for. It has a beautiful sound that draws you into the music. The BMG classical SACD's blow away any redbook CD player I have heard. The bass on the SACD goes right through the floor. I can use my Ipod classic and connect straight into the front USB port of the marantz and the music still sounds good. No need for a Wadia transport and I can use the Marantz remote to control the Ipod. Right now I'm using the headphone jack on the Marantz with my AKG 701 headphones and the sound is very good. I still need to connect my laptop to the marant 8004. I will try that next week. Other CD players I have tried in this system include the Naim 5x, Raysonic 128, and the Ayre 7e. I would decsribe the sound of the Marantz as being closer to the tube sound of the Raysonic 128. Very smooth with a large sound stage. It is not ultra detailed sound you get with the Naim 5x. Personally the Marantz 8004 is one of the best sounding CD players I have heard and to have all the other features makes this one of the best deals in HiFi Audio.
One thing I forgot to mention. The new material used on the transport tray makes the Marantz 8004 utlra silent as a transprot. It reminds me of the Linn Ikemi transprot.
I would agree that the 8004 sounds very good. In my system it is a bit warmer sounding (i.e. fatter in the middle or rolled in the highs depending on how you look at it) than the 8001 model that the unit replaced, but overall the two are very similar. It seems the only thing missing from the 8004 is the sense of effortless detail and air that you only get from more expensive players. I have a Denon A100 that has that in spades, especially when listening in SACD mode.
I have the SA8001, and will probably change-up to the SA8004 to run my computer audio through, while still keeping the one-box/ SACD function.

I only hope the 8004 is as good as the 8001. (I guess it is supposed to be better, but I note Johnjohn's comment.)

Running the same music from computer through DacMagic v. CD played through the SA8001 - no comparision - the Marantz DAC is great.
Anyone listening to the sa8004 experience a break in period? I recently added the 8004 and Merlin TSMs to my set up and played the Merlins for a couple weeks before i got the cdp. Seems that the last couple times i have listened for a while there is more body...especially in the lower midrange. Just curious if others have noticed the same.
The Marantz players that i have heard in the past tend to roll off the top end, but I haven't heard the 8004