Has anyone listened to the Kharma midi references

Please give a detailed review of the sound of the Kharma midi references and if possible make comparisons between the ceramics and the diamonds. I think that it is hard to hear a wide range of speakers unless you live in a New York, Chicago, Or Los Angelos. I would greatly appreciate some help in making a decision. Thanks in advance to everyone for their input. It is greatly appreciated!
I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has heard the Kharma midi's. I am trying to make a buying decision and could use the input of others who have heard this speaker. Thanks for the help.
Bigbear, I think the problem may be people not knowing exactly what speaker you are referring to. You talk about the "Midi Reference." The problem is that there is no "Midi-Reference." There is a Midi-Grand Ceramique which you can get with or without the diamond tweeter. Then, there is the Midi Equisite which comes standard with the diamond tweeter. Thus when you ask about a speaker "between" the Ceramiques and the Diamonds, this doesn't make sense. I have owned the Midi-Grand Ceramiques and now own the bigger Exquisite 1D-de. There IS a big difference bewteen these two speakers. I have not heard the Midi Exquisite but the company Tenor Audio bought them as their "reference" speaker and thay RAVE about them. A few of my friends have stopped by Tenor to hear them and love them too.

You may want to call Bill Parish at GT&T Audio (advertsier here) and ask him if he can give you some references of owners of this speaker.
Bigbear, where are you located at? If you are near the Washington DC area you are welcome to stop by and listen to my Exquisite Midi Reference. They are not optimally set up yet as my room is not finished yet. But you can get a good sense of the characteristics and their potential. They certainly are worth a listen!!!!!!
Bigbear, what type of music do you listen to?.

I was recently in Montreal visiting the Tenor factory. They had both the Kharma Midi Grand (diamond tweeter), and a pair of single driver Lamhorn 1.8 (AER mkII driver). Everyone in the rooom preferred the lamhorns on female vocals and light jazz, with the nod going to the Kharma's when the going got tough.

Make sure you listen to a few speakers before you decide.

(Tenor 300hp amps, Audio Aero).