Has anyone listened to the coincident linestage?

I am curious if anyone out there has spent some time with this preamp. What were your impressions, and what other preamps were involved with the comparison. Thank you for the feedback.

See my review
It is absolutely state of the art and merits the favorable reviews it receives
A must hear
He'll be at RMAF this year for the first time, and has posted in another thread that he will be exhibiting the Pure Refs with Frankensteins, his linestage and phono pre.
I`ve owned this preamp for 11 months and it`s remarkable in my opinion.I`ts design is minimalist(only two source inputs and no remote) but the sound is so natural(organic) pure and transparent.The tonality is dead on with an exceptional sense of that elusive you are there realism. The design is very simple, transformer volume control(dual)- interstage transformer-two 101d (DHT) single gain stage-output transformer, that`s`s it, ultra simple. It really seems to allow the emotional aspect of music to be fully expressed. I hope you get a chance to hear it your self in the near future
Thank you for all your responses. I wish I could hear it before I shell out 5g's.

It is just an outstanding, quiet, natural sounding piece of equipment. I got mine about a month ago. I am using it with the Frankenstein. The amps sound now like a good 30W SET monos, but the extra gain does not deteriorate the sound. Still early (only 1 month), but my impression so far is that this is a first class preamp.
You are going to become further impressed as time goes on with the the additional hours of break in.I`ve had the Statement/Frankenstein pair for 14 months yet my appreciation continues to deepen still. These two components are world class individually and supreme as a pair. My problem is turning off the system, even after 3 or 4 hours of listening when I know I should go to bed(I get up at 6AM for work) the music is so natural and involving I find myself saying okay just one more song... I`m sure you understand.
The only linestage I like as much as the Coincident Technologies is the Einstein The Tube Mark II which lists at over 3 times as much. While I have seen the Einstein online at $11,500, which is a great deal, the Coincident is such a bargain at its price, although it has only 2 inputs to the Einstein's 5.
I`ve read great reviews regarding your Einstein preamp. I`m very familiar with the very highly regarded VAC Renaissance Signature, have you had the opprotunity to hear it?
I understand very well, Charles.
I have the intuition that the massive power supply plays a major role here. To make a PS like that is expensive, and I guess that is why we donĀ“t see it very often.
A curious thing about this unit is the tube configuration. They are floating in a sub chassis to avoid microphonics. It was weird at first, until I got use to it.

Also, it works very well with the Phono statement (of course). Dead silent backgrounds, crystal highs, accurate midrange and real bass (not the HT thing).
Yes, I agree with your point about the contribution of a stellar power supply. Another very important aspect of the Coincident electronics is the decision to utilize interstage transformers in place of signal coupling capacitors(more expensive are the transformers) I really believe that this choice is largely responsible for the superb natural and liquid character of both the Frankenstein and statement components(no apparent mechanical/electronic character). The massive power supplies in both units allow the dynamics,scale and flow of music to be preserved. IMHO Israel Blume really did a exceptional job building these two excellent components.
Did you decide to purchase the Statement linestage? If so has it met your expectations?
Charles, I have not. I have been using an Aesthetix Calypso for a few years now and I am ready to upgrade. I am also considering an ARC REf 3,Modwright 36.5 w/ outboard PS, Allnic L-3000, and possibly a Rogue Hera. I am always open to suggestions. It needs to be a tube pre and it must have XLR in's and out's. Thank you kind sirs.