Has anyone listened to the Birdland Odéon-Pt DAC?

This company has fallen of the radar for awhile. He has a new top of the line Hi REz DAC, but there is no contact info or price on his website.

The Odeon-Pt has been out for long time. Although it looks like he finally updated the website after all of these years, so maybe the Odeon-Pt has received an update also? Or it could be the exact same model that came out years ago.

I owned both the Odeon Lite and AG models. I loved them both. But I got frustrated as I didn't see any update on their products for years. It looks like he's producing new products again.
Thanks for your input. As far as I can tell the unit has never been reviewed. The website is not specific as to the DAC chip used, hi res USB connection, etc. The website doesn't even have a contact number or email. This raises red flags to me. How do you get support or any issue that may arise after you make a purchase?