Has anyone listened to Nola Micro and/or Metro ?


I'm curious. Have you heard the Nola Micro and/or Metro Grand Reference speakers? I have Alon Signatures and would like feedback on the new speakers. Thanks !
There is a thread over at AVguide.com (the absolute sound) and some comentary here in a recent NOLA Baby Grand thread. Have heard both recently. Love the Micro. Extremely musical, non fatiguing, great resolution. Music vs hifi perspective. Bass of course not on par with bigger boxes, but very tuneful. They can play pretty big for their size. Metro was prototype, still being tweaked. Going back to hear tweaked version, so will reserve judgement til then. Overall, these are very competitive in their price range.
Thanks Jeffkad,

I just read that thread. I plan on listening to the Micros on Friday and hope to get a good idea what they are like. I would also like to hear the Metro, although it's a little more than I planned on spending. Do you remember what amp and preamp were driving the Micro/Metro speakers? I believe they will sound better with high quality tube amps but I need to use solid state amps with a tube preamp in my setup. My stereo is on way too much to eat through many, many sets of power amp tubes.

Joe, I believe it was some pretty expensive Audio Research stuff, but I've listened to so many speakers I can't guarantee this. What drives me nuts is listening to speakers with 3x or 4x their cost in electronics. Worst case was a pair of maggie 3.6 ($5-6k) with something like 25k of AR gear. I admit it sounded absolutely incredible, but c'mon. It just feels wrong, lol! Anyway, I'm going back to hear the Metros soon, but I don't think there are many places (if any) that have them as they are still playing with the prototype. Are you in NY area?
I just heard them today. I own modified Alon V MKIIs and have been looking for a speaker to float my boat ever since. The Metros blew me away. Speed wow, micro dynamics - yepper, resolution - they beat Vandy at their own game, but overall they offer a presentation that I have never heard before. Hard to explain but one of the best speakers I have heard in a very long time. $22K - not in my range - anyone want to sell me a used pair cheap! Take a listen if you can.

Happy Listening.

I replaced my midrange driver on my Alon 5 Mk2 with the a 5-1/4" Alnico which is almost identical to the one it
come with except the surround material was foam instead
of rubber. I believe it came from one of the elite speaker system that carl M. now sales (I purchased midreanges on the 'Gon. I also have alnico woofers & tweeters. I also upgraded my crossovers with Amp-Ohm capacitors, Duelund resistors and flat ribbon inductors in the series crossover devices. These 5's are now unbeleieveable!