Has anyone listened to Aria Audio amps?

Michael Elliot formely of Counterpoint has designed new hybrid amps. I am looking for feedback regarding the amp, not the engineer.
thank you
That made me laugh out loud! I do get it!
You may want to take advantage of his 30 day trial, then you could find out for yourself. If you do try them, please let me know what you think or post a thread.

I have 2 fully upgraded NP400 MKII's. I am extremely fond of them, but would also like to hear about his new generation.
I did the home trial about 2 months ago and ended up returning the amps. Do not let my returning the amps lead you to beleive that the amps did not sound good, or are a bad value. The amps actually sound very nice and are quite the powerhouse for a realtively small chassis.

The mids and highs are fabulous. The only reason that I did not keep the amps is because I listen to rock/jazz and am very used to the "SLAM" of SS power amps. The Aria amps have very well defined/low bass. But, just did not have the slam that I have grown accustommed to.

At the time, I considered playing the "tube game" to get the desired sound, but I just did not have the time or desire to give it that much energy, as my time is limited these days.

For those who do not value the bass slam as much as I, or primarily listen to classical music, I strogly recommend a home audition.