Has anyone listened the new Argento Flow?

Argento has a new series of IC and speaker cables that is due to replace the Serenity line. Anyone with nay listening experiences of this cable?
Hi Geopolitis, before I start raving, let me tell you where I see myself with regard to cords and cables. I have adopted the belief that cables are of utter importance when that was still a small minority insight. However, I've also always held the belief that quality sources, amps and speakers come first, without those cables mean nothing. That also implies with ideal (as far as possible) gear the ideal cable doesn't do anything (no colouring, no masking, no smearing, no swallowing of signal contents), it will just let the gear shine in all its glory! Given the more or less subjective side of our personal "likings" and the fact that most gear sins one way or another, I do accept that cables have a character and let one or the other aspect of the gear shine more than another. To achieve the latter on the other hand there has always been a limit to what I felt reasonable to pay.

In my own system cost/quality wise I have grown fond of both Virtual Dynamics Revelation as well as Purist Venustas, different in character (in both cases, the model designation was actually very well chosen!) but unobtrusive and not messing with what the gear can do.

Enter Argento Flow! What is more: as part of a dreamteam. I have spent hours at Dmitry Valdin's of Transparent Acoustic, listening to a system consisting of the Ancient Audio Lektor Plus, Tidal Preos, Tidal Impact monoblocks and Tidal Contrivas (the "normal" ones) - and I should also mention Dmitry's wonderful room acoustics devices - with a full loom of Argento Flow cables. I have also heard the same set-up at the Munich fair, completed by the Audiostone Pythagoras 'table. Well, I simply don't have the funds which is why I have resisted to audition these cables in my own system since then; I am scared I'd rob the bank to get these cables, my long held cost considerations went up in smoke for the first time. This is the exact reflection of the Tidal philosophy: Truth, nothing more and certainly nothing less. A window (but without a pane) on the artist, his/her skills and emotions, exactly what my above musings about ideal gear and cables are all about. Great! Ulrik and Jörn, you guys are both geniuses.

Hi Karelf,

since I first opened this thread I managed to buy the full set of Argento Flow for my system (2 interconnects, 1 speaker cable and 4 power cords). The fact that my current speakers (Hyperion Sound 938) cost 1/3 of my cables probably demonstrate the amount of improvement I consider to get with these particular cables. I have tried in the past the Stealth Indra, Echole Obsession |(ver.08), Purist Audio Deisgn 20th Anniversary, Argento Serenity SE, Argento Serenity Reference but I never experienced before the feeling of "no cables". This is a major leap in cable technology and everyone should give them a listen (preferably compare them with some other top cables to realise the chaotic difference with the competition).

For me these cables are like the Tidal speakers. There is no competition at the moment. I hope that when I receive my Tidal Piano Cera (with Argento Flow internal wiring) to appreciate them even more...
Geo, you need to try at least one FMR PC in your system. I hate it, because they are so expensive but even above the Flow they are like a component upgrade.

I got to meet Ulrik a couple of weekends ago, what a great guy.

Around his visit I also got to hear my 2 Flow PC's on my amps replaced by 2 FMR's and to play with a Flow IC in my system. Then I have also heard a fully wired FMR system, plus his new Organic Audio IC, copper line, and the new Serenity Signature IC.

All great stuff, and it is going to make it tough on me to suffer :) my system until I can move on some Flow IC's and possibly upgrade to 2 more FMR PC's.

Does Tidal use Argento Flow internally on some/all of their speakers or is this done at a special request (and upcharge presumably) from you? If this is not standard with the Piano Cera, I'm curious as to how this modification may have an effect (positive or negative) on the voicing. What is clear is that what you would have would not be a Piano Cera but something else. I know that the Diacera series (Contriva, Piano, Amea and presumably Sunray) uses silver internal wiring. Is this wiring from Argento? Would this wiring be appropriate for the models with a ceramic tweeter (e.g., Piano Cera).

if you are using the Argento Flow as a speaker cable then I think that having it going until the speaker crossover would be a clear advantage. If you are using a different cable I don't know whether it makes sense or not.

how did you find the Organic Audio interconnect? Does it come any close to the Flow or even the Serenity interconnects?

Many people I know would be extremely happy with such a low priced interconnect by Argento
I haven't heard the Argento Flow, but I have had the Argento VDM didn't like them at all.

I just purchased a set of ZenSati #3 IC (and speaker) and they are nice, neutral, neutral, neutral...
Soliver, or anyone elso who's already heard the copper Organic Series by Argento, could you provide us with some additional information, please? There seems to be as good as no information on the internet. I'd be very interested to know in what price bracket they come.
I have just installed one FMR PC to my dCS Scarlatti transport!
This is best cable I have ever had in my system.
I have currently full KS Elation set of cables including speaker, interconnects and one PC, but some other PCs are Valhalla, Stealth Dream and Jorma Prime.
Well, FMR is just a huge step forward in every aspect of music reproduction. Can't believe to my ears!
Also in few days Odin PC will arrive to compare with the rest.
Actually I need to compare only with FMR as now it is the best cable!
Are other Argento Flow cables as good as PC?
Respected Murataluev,
Argento makes a very very good cable & I have been using Ulrik's cables for 6 years.
However, I have currently switched over to Echole.
I recommend that you call for a set & listen to them...
Worth an exposure before you decide on Flow.
Just a 'suggestion'


I had Echole and found Elations better in my system!
I had the Echole Obsession interconnect and speaker cables. I replaced them with Argento Flow interconnects, speaker cables and power cables. The Flow are so far ahead of the competition that I cannot even think of something that comes close to them. If you liked the PC get ready for a huge shock when you try out their interconnects and speaker cables...

Karelfd the Organic interconnect costs about 600 Euros in Greece and the speaker cable about 1200. Regarding their performance I believe it is not as good as the Flow but it is probably better than any other cable in the market...
Has anyone compared FMR with SMR EE interconnects?
I have compared the Flow with Serenity Master Reference. The Flow is much much better cable.
Geopolitis, have you heard Serenity Master Reference Extream Edition?
At this VERY Expensive price with little discount they should be Great!!