Has anyone hooked satellite radio to their system?

A long time friend who is into Video who's HT system is budget-fi by our standards (receivers, mass market integrated, etc), bought one those new satellite car radios. He loves it. He just bought an adapter so he can use it in the house. Has anyone tried hooking one of these to their high-end system? What do you think compared to your super tuner?
Yes, I have a cheep RCA DTV hooked to my Naim system through a Radio Shack 22ft bad eough interconnect. In spite of all of these the sound is still impressive. No doubt, better than FM radio. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.
Yes, using a RCA DD DTV Sat system using the opt dig out into a Monarchy Audio SuperDrive Dip and out using a Kimber D-60 BNC/RCA dig cable into the Dac. Listen to the Satellite Music Channels while I work on the puter. Also have a good tuner for FM and enjoy the sound and commerical free broadcasting using the Dig out from the Sat receiver better than the "supertuner". It depends on how compressed the dig signal is being received and broadcasting equipment being used to broadcast the dig signal. All equal, the dig Sat sound is CD quality and close to the quality of sound from my CD system and commerical free giving plenty of different geners choices of music to enjoy. I like it and find it very convienient and enjoyable while working and not having to be interupted. Also another kool feature is having the ability of viewing the software being broadcasted on a moniter(TV). Helps in identifing the album(CD), title, artist, song. Helps in building a music collection. Is this another blow for analog!!
mikec: >> Is this another blow for analog!! << duh, no!! but it might be another blow to the mp3 format. -cfb
The future is digital, just in the same way FM blew AM and the fact that we don't use Edison Cylinders anymore...
Sugarbrie, Are you asking about music via our satellite dishes (DSS or Dishnetwork) or are you referring to XFM? I took your question, when mentioning adapters, to mean the XFM type systems that go from car to home. If that IS what you mean, I am also interested in the responses. If you mean the Music via satellite services (Dishnetwork), I can say the programming choices are very good, and the sound via a Pass Labs D1 D/A converter is outstanding. Best Regards, Aaron
I have the sony xm receiver with adaptors for car and in house. The antenna has to go out a window since it needs a clean line to the satellite. In the car I never noticed that the unit has a fan in it. As soon as I set it up inside, I couldn't believe the fan noise - low level but definately audible. Haven't used it since. (the sound is fine)
psyschicanimal: funny, but where i live, the am band is just as crowded as fm. moreover, an am station is the highest rated in our market by arbitron. so, what's this about fm blowing am? where do you get your news? and do you REALLY think enough people are gonna' shell out $10.00/month or more to get "commercial-free" or "better-sounding" radio to make it a sucess? i sure as hell don't. "the future is digital"= "perfect sound forever." give us a break and quit spoutin' unadorned propaganda. -cfb
I was referring to XFM.
Follow up: Though xm radio ($10/month) may have started out commercial free, they've now started slipping in commercials. On beyond jazz they use a softspoken approach to selling insurance. Even worse than the fan.
Danner, Kind of like PBS television. No commercials they claim, but they advertise their own upcomming programing every half hour and then spend at least 2 minutes before each program telling you all about the company who gave the grant money to make the program and all about its products.
I have gone back and forth on this, and for me, no comparison- my Accuphase classic T-101 FM tuner is way better sounding (much more natural) than the music from Satellite (Direct TV).
I bought the sony xm radio reciever and initially took it to my business which has a very bare bones system. It worked fine. I then bought a cradle to hook it up at home. I also purchased a better interconnect. Monster makes the exact one you need. A gold mini plug that splits into two gold rca plugs. At home the sound is amazing. I can't imagine listening to commercial radio through my expensive tuner again. Its strange to listen to classical music on the radio with soundstage and detail. and no interfeance at all. I love it.