Has anyone here tried Element Speaker Cables?

Element Speaker Cables recieved a thumbs up from Positive Review.com. Just wondering if anyone has tried their products and what their thoughts were?
I have a couple of power cords, IC's, and a digital cable from Anthony at elementcable. Drop him a line and discuss what you're trying to accomplish with him and he can help. terrific guy, solid products.
Interesting review, and encouraging for DIY enthusiasts. However, the reviewer kept his comparisions to other internet based cables, River Cable's Flexygy and the (sort of) DIY design Signal cables.

I am running a tri-wire set of Jon Risch's cross connected coax cables (CC89259) or Twisted Pair Speaker Cable, as Element cable calls it. I am actually using a bi-wire set (two pair) of the single twisted pair for MF and HF, and a quad configuration for the LF cables. The reviewer pretty much nailed it, the cable does not draw attention to itself with tizzy highs or boomy bass, but delivers everything in a very musical, neutral manner. Once broken in, the midrange is very pure and musical, and the strength of the cable IMO. I think some cannot believe how good these sound given the somewhat unconventional design and very inexpensive construction of the cables. In my system, I like them better than Cardas Neutral Reference, and Alon's own Black Orpheus. It is to the point where I believe the money I could spend on cables would be better spent on upgrading components. I am about to embark on building the interconnects in balanced version, and will be comparing them to my Cardas Golden Referenced XLR cables.

Finally, I believe there may be a mistake in the review when the reviewer says the Element CC89259 speaker cable "shares the same design pedegree" as the Signal Cable speaker cables. I believe the Signal is simply a terminated (and tech flex covered) Canare 4S11 cable, and not a CC89259 cable like the Element. That might explain why he liked the Element cable better. If I were looking for a very good cable without spending a paycheck, and I did not want the hassle of building them DIY, I would definitely try Element Cable.
Thanks Mitch2, I will be doing a home audtion on the speaker cables.