Has anyone hearing to much digital information ?

I have a studio amp and monitors. Home depo speaker wire and passive preamp. This modified Marantz player I own seems to be giving me more information than my senses can process. Huge soundstage, deep bass, very realistic and accurate mid's and it's very engaging. Please advise.
Stop taking drugs before engaging in a listening session.
Have you considered a stem-cell injection into your brain so that you gain the capacity to appreciate fully all that information?

Reminds me of the scene in Amadeus when Mozart is told his music has too many notes and he should remove some.
All of these preceding remarks are outstanding advice, IMHO. Narrod you kill me! I wish I had thought of that. May I suggest in the future staying away from analog TT’s and expensive tube amps in your frail state it might be as the Beatles put it in Yellow Submarine “it’s all to much…”. Enjoy!
Yee whiz fellows there is a method to ones madness. You guys just don't know the right questions to ask. You all fell into the trap and get an " F " for farts. Now do you know how to spell releif ? This should be good, you'll see the most interesting thread yet. Now tell me fellows what unit are you especially getting all the information transformed into a real live presentation? Be nice now !!! Come on Kite right 4, Nimrod, Harry put into mindless suspenders.
I must ask: Which Marantz player is doling out to much info? I'm truly an anti-Marantz guy in disbelief BUT willing to check it out in my system. Let me know if your selling. Thanks.
Hi Kevin: The Sa-14 TRL modded unit is the current one that is taking the audio world by storm and that I own.Your right the stock version is a unit in flux like so many others. Sorry no sale it's a keeper. I am trying to
put the system together pretty much once and for all. I must admit it's very difficult. So when you find a unit that is so far ahead of the pack it remains. Be careful on the modders out there currently. I know of one that charged thousands and literally had 50.00 worth of caps changed and that was it in his modified cd player's. He used to be a tech for a major overseas based manufacturer of tv's and other electronic devices with facilities in this country. . Be well, Joe
Go to Home Depot and get a digital information reducer. It can be installed in anywhere in your system.
Lithojoe, Why don't you take a moment and tell us about the actual Mods made to your SA14 by TRL, how much they cost and how the charges were broken down for labor and materiels.

From your comments you appear to be well positioned to do so. I looked up the Web Site for TRL and I came away clueless. For a prototype of proper disclosure read up on one of Underwoods Mods.

And, while you're at it, tell us all what you mean by "taking the world by storm". Where can I find all of the published reviews and accolades about these mods. Exactly how many SA14's has TRL actually modded?

That would be very valuable for me (and others) as we consider what we will next purchase.
Hi Newbee/Dobee: Sorry unless there is a mistake or someone removed your feedback, I couldn't find your first name. When you want to get as close and dance as you do it would be nice to call you by your first name let say like , "Newton or Niagra." What happened to your feedback since 2001? Your almost a charter member. Now lets see, oh yeah I remember you want mod specs, stats, reviews and a customer list. Also info on the " Katrina of the audio world." Now bear with me for a minute or two. ........ I seem to remember now in about 01 you were a little dishartened by the reviewers. Did you regain their trust now ? Even if I referred you to the reviewers by moonlight would you harken to their written word now ? Would you even beleive me after the three stooges just got done their routine ? Lets go one better my fine feathered friend. Just go back to the TRL website enter your questions and see what happens. It may be like the experience you had when you first visted Disney World, very magical.Why didn't you do that right out of the gate? Or can you go to Kentucky Fried Chicken's website and ask them for their recipe ? Maybe Bill Gates website will advise us how to make billions with the secrets in the software or hardware industry. Let's just see what their response might be. Let's us all know how you made out so we all can continue to sow the good seed for a mighty fine harvest this year. Be well, Joe your confeedant
Hi: "Stan the man" does radio shack also sell one? They are a little closer to my abode. Thanks for the tip !
ROTFLMAO! Lithojoe you're the man. What a fantastic way to support a 'rave'. I would never have thought of it.