Has anyone heard this Cd

Joan Osborne's foray into Country and Western PRETTY LITTLE STRANGER. I rarely listen to country but I picked this up in the cut out bin yesterday and the only thing stronger here than the material is the sound of the recording. In my system there is nothing wrong with this that i can find,tight deep bottom with extended highs it's blowing me away! Her voice is so majestic and the people helping her out on backround vocals(Alison Krause,Vince Gill) aren't bad either. I swear they used tube equipment cause it sounds like an Owen Bradley effort and the person who produced it and plays various instruments through out the disc although is listed as Steve Buckingham is none other than Dolly Parton. Now Dolly is a little bit country if you ask me. If you like a little Twang in your music every once in a while or if you wanna show off your system then get this and enjoy. As I said the material on here is great.
Qdrone - I hadn't heard of this CD but intend to look for it. I have Joan's first and like it a lot. Should have more of her material. I'm not opposed to country - tho' I tend to shy away from the more commercial products (or at least what I perceive to me "more commercial"). Thanks for the tip.
I agree on Joan's vocals. I was put off by the saturated airplay of 'What If God Was One Of Us' and never gave the album a chance. Wasn't until I listened to the disc at my girlfriends did I become a believer. I don't know how many times I've done that - shame on me. Will be on the lookout this release.
If you like Joan Osborne's voice you should check out her "Breakfast In Bed" CD. It's her tribute to soul and Motown.
If you get the chance, see her live with Phil Lesh & Friends. Great live performers, often featuring Trey Anastasio, who transforms himself into Garcia incarnate. Good stuff...Cheers,