Has anyone heard the VPI Classic yet

They were supposed to be shipping soon. Has anyone purchased this table yet?
I would also like to know if the classic would be a worth while upgrade from the scout with geinko vibration base?
There's a thread on VA started by a new owner:http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.mpl?forum=vinyl&n=828967&highlight=vpi+classic&r=

Personally, I agree with those who say that, no matter how it 'sounds', it reverses all design goals and 'upgrades' of the last 40 years of VPI: SAMA, acrylic/steel/aluminum plinths, acrylic platters, 300rpm motors, etc. Along with the relatively new 'rim drive' it seems to show more of a something-for-everyone marketing decision more than HW following a linear path to tt sonics.
In addition to the link above, here is link to some comments from the designer himself on the Classic TT.

Anyone here heard this table yet?
Yes, I have this table for almost two months. It sounds glorious. This table will be deemed a giant killer. You will hear nothing but praises when magazine reviewes comes out. To be specific, the table is very, very quiet musically or otherwise. Very neutral, extracts what is on the record. Mate with a conditioner (I have a PLC, I imagined would be even better with a SDS)the sound improved even better mainly bass solidity, treble airiness and stereo image. Get it before the price goes up.
Anyone else has heard this table ? any more comments ?
Mine arrives Thursday. After setup(this is my first table..so it may take a day or so) and burn in I will report my thoughts.

Thanks, John
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I had it for weeks, after trying 3 other VPI tables, this have been by far the best. I had been trying out tables (6) for a year, but my search is over.

I didn't think the SDS added anything, so I sold it.
Eric, Macdad,

What cartridges are you using with this VPI Classic TT ?

Sounds like a promising TT.


Sumiko Blackbird and a Cary SLP98p F-1 version (direct coupled, all upgraded caps).
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I have now had the "Classic" for several months. my previous table was an HR-X. I needed a table with a smaller footprint and started researching. I ended up with this table on kind of a "what the heck, let's give it a try until I figure out what I really want" basis. Mine is the stock table -- (there is also an option for a fully stainless steel arm which I have not tried. It takes a coule of weeks to break in the mechanical parts and the tonearm cable.

All I can say is "Wow!". This table is the best I have heard in my system. I know you guys are going to think I am crazy but it easily beat the HR-X, side by side, in my system. It just has a musicality that the HR-X couldn't quite match. I would say that the HR-X was on the cool side of neutral whereas the "classic" was on the neutral side of neutral but incredibly musical. It just makes me want to listen longer. It's hard to believe that you can get this kind of sound for $2500.

So far, the only "upgrades" I have made was to get rid of the plastic screw down clamp (I always end up breaking the threads on these things) and replacing with the Centerweight that was on the HR-X. This did not make any difference sonically but had a better ease of use factor. The second was that I added an Iron Audio turntable mat. This made some sonic difference to the positive (not allot though). I did notice that I had slightly less static in the system and on the records with the mat though. In the end, the turntable sounds excellent with or without it.

Another interesting find was that of the cartridges I tried (Air Tight,Denon,Shelter,Lyra) the Lyra Skala proved to be an excellent match for this turntable. Not sure why but there is some real synergy there. The Skala is a great cartridge on any table, but with the classic, it really sings. I have owned several Lyra carts. There is allot to like about them but most have sounded just a little brite and lean to me. The Skala is an exception and very unique in the Lyra line. It has all the detail and extention of the other lyra carts without ever being "in your face" or harsh. It then adds something I had not heard from Lyras before....body and warmth. For me it is an extreemly well balanced performer.

Anyway...anyone looking at a VPI Classic is definitely looking in the right place- IMHO!!
On the Cartridge question---My two favorites were the Lyra Skala and Denon 103R. The Skala is AMAZING with this TT but on a price to performance basis, the Denon 103R is tough to beat.
wow-thanks for sharing the experience kckennedy. That is quite something , so cheap and so much performance out of it competing with its older brethen the HRX.
It looks like a winner going down the lane.
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I find this quote extremely funny: "I would say that the HR-X was on the cool side of neutral whereas the "classic" was on the neutral side of neutral but incredibly musical."

I guess after decades of dissemination of audiophile lexicon by The Absolute Sound, it is mission accomplished.

I wonder if one day we ban the use of the word "neutral", will we be able to describe sound at all?

I really miss those Sound Practices days. It was fun to be an atheist.

Anyway, glad you enjoy your new toy.

Similar to an old Chevy Chase movie, in which the family goes out to dinner at the Casa de la Maison House.
OK, some very funny posts on this sting, which is so important in this ridiculous hobby, but I wanted to add some more commentary:

I love this turntable. It is the best I have owned. It's not the last word in anything, but it does everything, and I mean EVERYTHING well. Tons of range, pace, bass, everything. I was just at someone's house who has an absolutely steller (i.e. expensive) system, and I was shocked at how hollow and lifeless his analog system sounded compared to mine. Especially with the difference in price. I am thinking that VPI has hit a home run with this thing. By going retro-new tech they seem to have incorperated the best of the old without forsaking newer technology. After 6 tables in the last 12 months, I am done. Just buying more vinyl now.
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"i also have the arm fluid damped, and it was a noticeable improvement over no fluid at all. how about you?"

Eric, nice comments! how does one do the arm fluid damped ? is this something that vpi does at the factory ?
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Question for you guys who have the VPI Classic---do you have the stainless steel armtube or is the tonearm all aluminum? I've read that the stainless steel armtube is now standard. I should be getting my Classic in a little over a week, I'm really looking forward to getting this turntable based on all the positive comments I've read about it so far.
On another note, offtopic, great as it may seem, the Classic is a bang for buck, value for $ turn table.
Has anyone compared this with the TW Acoustic Raven One TT ? It may be obvious from a price point that the Raven one is 3x more expensive than the Classic. But you never know.. The classic may have its bells and whistles.
Would be curious how this $2500 TT can match with the more pricey Raven One.

Any comparison against a Raven or even a Linn Sondek would be great. Please..
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Music Direct is mounting a Dynavector 17D3 on the tonearm for me. I'm taking something of a risk buying this cartridge (again), because the suspension on my last one quit after only 1 year! However, it is a great sounding cartridge.
You know when I ordered mine I asked VPI about getting the SS tube and they told me that was only for heavier cartridges and they did not suggest it for any but the heaviest cartridges.

Now I'm a bit perterbed.
VPI also informed me that the s/s tube is only for cart like the Denon DL-103. Other than that, most carts will just do fine with the regular alum tubing.
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I have to agree with several of the responds.I do not carry the line ,i carry Acoustic Solid from Germany. However the Classic is probably the best effort on VPI's behalf once you consider the price.It has a wonderful sound and as one of the Goners points out does everyting well.I also like the look. A throw back to the old days of vinyl.As for depth of the stage i prefer the Acoustic Solid Wood referance but then again is 2 times the price and should sound better.Make sure the rest of you system is setup properly. Enjoy. Also check out the Acoustic Solid line.They are affordable and truly great tables.
Those that have heard the VPI Classic and believe that its price performance package betters the other higher VPI line brethen. With this kind of performance, and if to put it in a price point, would you say, this Classic TT should be priced at $3,000 -$5000 ? Or is the $2500 price tag given its built quality just about "right".
Without regard to price, it's the best table I have owned period. It's just so solid, no weaknesses. I would say that it is a statement table from VPI that will actually increase revenue substantially. Why buy any other table of theirs', or really anyone elses'?

Just because something costs more, doesn't make it better. I will use Jack Daniels bourbon as an example. There are much more expensive bourbons, but come on, almost anyone who likes bourbon will tell you that JD is one of the premiums. Maybe not their absolute favorite, or the "best" but always in the discussion.
Has anyone here gone from a Well Tempered to the VPI classic? If so, what would you say the major differences are in the table/arm combos?
Without regard to price, it's the best table I have owned period. It's just so solid, no weaknesses. I would say that it is a statement table from VPI that will actually increase revenue substantially. Why buy any other table of theirs', or really anyone elses'?

There's a possibility that this Classic TT will steal sales from their more expensive line like the Scoutermaster, HRX and Aries line.
In other words, VPI may have shot their own feet with the Classic TT.
Or, perhaps, VPI is up to their sleeves in upgrading their higher model line.
So after reading all this praise, maybe Harry should just discontinue every other table he makes? I mean why pay 10K when you can get the best for 2.5K? I'm not doubting what's been said and I think it's great that you can get that kind of sound for so little money. But it doesn't bode well for Harry's business model.

I was not explicit enough. I think the volume of sales for The Classic, will greatly increase VPI's total revenue and more to the point, profit. I think this increase could and will dwarf the loss in sales of the higher end tables they sell. The price point for this table is the "sweet spot" for audiophiles. It's not cheap by any means, but it's a rather inexpensive table if it's performance is taken into consideration. So it's VALUE is huge. Kind of like when Spectron started getting such glowing reviews for the Musician II, and they started selling like water in the desert. Of course they went WAY up in their price then with "improvements", until they got to the price level of other comparible amps. That could happen here as well.
It's interesting how audiophiles have become conditioned to assign credibility to a product by it's price tag. Why don't you let Harry Weisfeld worry about how he prices his product and determine for yourself whether the VPI Classic is a good table or not by the merits of how it performs in your system. That may be difficult for many who do not have options to audition it locally but all the more reason to listen to user feedback on forums such as these. As Macdadtexas said, this pricing strategy could indeed canibalize some sales from higher priced offerings at VPI but I suspect that VPI sells many fewer units of those items and if this table indeed delivers on perceived value than the pick up in volume (and the resulting scale in costs) could prove to be a very profitable strategy for VPI at this price point. There are many ways to skin a cat. Assess the table on what it can do and not on how it is priced. And if demand indeed picks up significantly (as it seems to be doing) than, as Macdadtexas said, don't expect The Classic to sell for $2,500 for much longer. My 2cents worth.
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I read that during the Las Vegas CES2009 this table was placed in a $200,000 hi end system. I wonder what the content of that system was ? what cart, phono stage and the rest of the system was ? anyone knows ?
I was in the VPI room, and you won't believe this, I never saw the Classic. I was looking at the Aries 3 and HRX. I don't remember the sound from the room at all.

The Vandersteen rooms was ridiculous with the gear they had hooked up to the new 7's. I think my college Bose 301's would have blown your doors off in that system, so who knows what the 7's sound like.

Sorry, got off topic.
Can one of you Classic owners tell me how far the feet are inset? I want to know if I could squeeze this 20.75" x 15.75" table onto an 18" x 15" Neuance top shelf.
"I was in the VPI room, and you won't believe this, I never saw the Classic. I was looking at the Aries 3 and HRX. I don't remember the sound from the room at all."

Its possible that it was not used on the VPI Room but in some other room with other brands and make ??

Maybe someone here can make a confirmation on which room the VPI Classic was being demoed at ?
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Thanks. Guess I'm out of luck unless I place a second surface atop the Neuance shelf.
Can someone tell me if the feet are adjustable?
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Any more new users on this Classic TT ? care to share how's its sounding ?
Seems to get better every day!!