Has anyone heard the Von Schweikert V22 speakers?

I'm looking for strong bass and a wide sound stage. Primarily listen to rock and pop.
I haven't heard the VR-22, but I do have the VR-33 speakers and they are everything Albert says they are. Positive Feedback online did a review of both the 22 and 33.
I have had the VR-22's for about a year and a half now and am very happy. The first speakers I have ever had that I wasn't soon looking up the product line for improvement.

Plenty of controlled bass, great sound stage all aspects of the music right where they should be.

My room is not the greatest and is small. I had some frequencies that were out of control (not the fault of the speakers) so I added a DSpeaker Dual core system and it is by far the best bang for the buck. Smoothed the peaks right out and is much easier to listen to.
It is a great advantage to be able to place the speakers so close to the front wall.

VSA customer support is as good as there is in the industry.

Mlman, when you say the DSPeaker smoothed the peaks, do you mean it tamed the sibilance in the highs or just controlled the bass boom, since your room is small?

What frequencies did you have that were out of control?

I have never heard any sibilance in the VR33's. The Scanspeak silk dome tweeter is very smooth and sweet.