Has anyone heard the Vitus Audio CD Player?

The Vitus Audio CD Player appears to be a formidable contender for state of the
art digital playback. Has anyone actually heard it?
I can now answer this question. I have heard it, along with many other excellent players in my system, and purchased the Vitus SCD010 Signature.

It is, IMO, simply extraordinary on redbook, or with my modified SB Duet running through the Vitus DAC and clock.

As I said, I had several very fine players here in the past few months, and could be very happy with any of them, but in my system, to my ears, I preferred the Vitus. Where it really separated itself, in addition to doing everything a good digital player should, was around dynamics, specifically the attack on leading edge of notes and an eerily good decay. If you're looking into high end digital I truly believe this player should be on your audition list.
What players have you compared the Vitus to? Have you
heard the ARC CD7/8, AMR, Playback Designs, Puccini, Cary Pro,
etc.? Can you elaborate on differences in tonality, slam,
smoothness, etc.?
I have compared it to most of those, but not all, and all are great and obviously different. I really don't have the energy for the amount of writing that all of those different comparisons would take. If you have an interest, ping me offline and maybe we could chat by phone, that would be easier.
Did you compare it with the Gryphon Mikado Signature [also Danish] per chance - which I compared to the ARC CD8 and Chord Red Ref. + Moon 750D .... and ended up with the Gryphon - it was a simple choice after listening !

I may be looking at Vitus amps soon .....