Has anyone heard the Vandersteen Quattro wood CT

If so what were you're Impressions? Richard Vandersteen says it's the biggest bargain in the line and 50k less than the model 7mkll.

I have a set on order...I'll let you know in a few weeks.

Thank you!
Yes, but not in a familiar room or kit. I've owned the 1's and the 2's and have a friend with 5's. So I'm biased. The Quattro wood is one of few speakers I've heard that I'd consider over my Chapman's. Very engaging and emotionally moving. Can go from intensely intimate to overwhelmingly spectacular. Hair on the neck goosebumps. To my ears, they make music not sound.
they will be what I put in the "179 day house" for sure and I have the 7 MK 2 at the taxable home.
Richard who is as frugal engineer as they come does say they are the best value in line and work in amazing # of rooms. One thing that might push me off that plan was a set of used 5 A carbons in a wood I adore.
who is your local dealer ? chances are I have heard them there...

Consider how few true innovations there are in this hobby. Not those manufactures who bait their loyal customers with new models every few months. Mr. Vandersteen is an old guard success because his offerings work very well. 

After a few months of living with a pair of properly positioned speakers who's time and phase characteristics are as refined as Vandersteen's many other designs will simply not sound right. 

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the difference between the 7s and the Quattro's is minimal.
Heard them. Way impressed