Has anyone heard the Usher Threshold R 1.5 amp?

I have seen some blurbs on this amp which claims to have the original Threshold S-350 circuitry. Seems almost too good to be true at the retail price.

Anyone out there actually heard this beast in a decent setting?
I heard this amp with various Usher speakers at RMAF 2006 and to say I was impressed is an understatement. Tonally, the amp is tubelike in it's presentation, yet very dynamic and punchy sounding. Also, excellent build quality and looks. It weighs about 90lbs. I think this amp is the real deal, but I myself have passed on it for now due to weight considerations. The thought of shipping 100lbs. back and forth to wherever for repairs if the need arises does not thrill me. If there is a local dealer that would provide technical support to you, then I say go for it.
i own this amp and am using it with a belles 21a tube preamp. the midrange is wonderfull, highs are clean and natural with tight bass. while it is not true class a it will warm up a mid to small room, my room is 12x15x8. it is dynamoc amp and i have to get it to run out of steam.
Mboldda1 - what amp did you own previous and/or what other amps have graced your system in the past?
before the usher ihad the denon pma-2000ivr integrated used as a power amp with dodd audio entry level tube preamp.
I actualy own an R-1.5 and using the usher p-307 pre-amp with its own power supply.
The reviews ar bang on for this combo, they work in great symbiosis together,a good complement.
great dynamics with a unfatiguing sound, very tube like in its presentation.
The sound is detailed from top to bottom, its a very good combo for the price.
I reccomend an audition for anyone searching separates in the neighborhood of 5500$.