Has anyone heard the Usher CP-730?


I'm interesed to hear your opinion of this speakers.


Hi, i write you from italy.
I have a pair of usher cp730 and i am very satisfied. I have tried for speakers around 2000/2500 eu and i have listened several models (kef q7, monitor audio gr20, linn ninka, mission 783, sonus faber gph, proac s125, b&w 704, klipsch rf35) but i preferred usher. They have a great soundstage, big trasparency and clearity (nearly like an electrostatic) but with very sweet mid-high frequencies. The answer is very regular so they are indicated specially for jazz and every acoustical instruments in general. The voices are riproduced with great precision. I recently compared them with magneplanar 1,6 and usher have turned out clearer with the advantage of a dinamic speaker. The components are the same of usher 6311 that have only a more modern design.
They have a great value for money, i have not found better until 3000 eu (IMHO. In italy the cost of usher 730 is 1800 eu, sonus f gph is 2500 eu!).
The negative aspects: the position must be very far from rear and lateral wall (>1,20 mt) for a good precision in low frequencies and an insufficient value for resell them (eventually) but... why? In USA you have a great price!
Excuse me for my english.