Has anyone heard the Tekton Enzo subwoofer?

I’ve been thinking of adding dual subs alongside my Tekton Lore mains. It will be for music only, in a 12x15 room with a 9ft ceiling. Has anybody heard these? Do you think it’s overkill? No online reviews as of yet.


They seem good value and may have better synergy with the Lores than something at a similar price point like SVS PB2000, Rythmik LVX12, etc - but then those companies are tried and tested when it comes to subs?

I'm wondering if you ordered the Tekton subwoofer.  I'm considering Lore Monitors and that same subwoofer too.  Please let me know. 
No, I couldn't find anyone who owned or reviewed the Tekton subs, so bought two Rythmik Audio L12s, and they've been great!