Has anyone heard the Tannoy XT8Fs?

Hard to find info on these speakers, but they look like they are capable of delivering that "Live" edge of your seat kind of sound I am looking for.  Great imaging, powerful low end, forward mid range and transparent top end.  Even the XT6F may suffice, but I think I am after a larger speaker with a little more force.  Wharfedale Reva 4s are not delivering for me in any of these areas, especially in the mid low end.

I have owned the XT8Fs for about 2 and a half years now. Overall I love them. Great soundstage and the midrange is extremely realistic sounding - voices and strings are highlights in my system. In my room (medium size I would call it) they go down to around 30hz and the highs are well beyond my hearing.

Those highs though can be a little sharp depending on electronics- I am currently using a Hegel 160 and a Primaluna Dialogue Premium and both work very well. I tried class D from PS Audio and it just didn’t work. They are fairly efficient and I have paired a small EL84 amp with 6 watts per side and gotten great sound and volume. Also used a a Naim XS and that was a good combo too. 

Won’t say I don’t have a wandering eye but these speakers are tough to beat for the price. Definitely worth a listen.
I have heard from a few online reviews that the highs could be a little more refined or detailed.  Can you eleborate on that?  They image very well I am told, but are they transparent?  Delicate up top?  From what I am reading it almost sounds like they are a little sharp up top, like a horn design.  I am hoping they are transparent and realistic.
Just a little sharp at the very top but not really harsh - upper midrange is very full and smooth. I feel like careful pairing of electronics fixes most of it. They are very immediate and I would say realistic to my ear. With the right placement transparent and image well. Bass can be a bit overwhelming in some placements but room treatment tamed that well enough. Their strong suit is definitely midrange.

These speakers are making the search for the next pair very difficult from a cost v. performance perspective. 

Thanks for the response, much appreciated.  I am pretty convinced that these Tannoys are the next step for me.  I currently have a pair of Wharfedale Reva 4s that I am not thrilled with.  Now I just have to figure out how to get a listen to them.  Finding a Tannoy dealer has proven to be pretty tough.  Looks like I will have to either go into the city one day (I am in NJ, but it's still a day trip) or buy them on Amazon.
yes, had a listen looking for new speakers- heard them on two occasions in two different rooms and supporting equipment.  
bass was overblown / boomy and the treble was noticeably edgy, crispy and the upper midrange was unrefined.  
The XT6F are far better sounding and I could have lived with them.  
Mid range was more refined on the 6’s too?  Obviously the highs were still edgy and crispyz
avanti what equipment specifically did you hear them with?