Has anyone heard The Super High-end Swan Ribbons?

My plans are to upgrade my current system which includes all McIntosh Electronics and Apogee Duettas to the Mcintosh Premier MC2KW Amps, Premier C2000 Pre-Amp, And the DA & DC 1000 CD System, (And that is providing McIntosh Doesn't over-price the gear), if not the Mcintosh upgrades are a sure thing, but wondering whether the Swans would be a good replacemant for the Apogees.
You should also consider VMPS ribbons. Rave reviews galore here: http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/viewtopic.php?t=13112
Not to mention winning Best of High End at CES a couple of years ago. Bare minimum you should at least audition a pair in your price class before buying anything.There's also another X Apogee owner on the VMPS forum at audiocircle.com. You may ask Ekovalsky his opinion as he's owned alot of very high end speakers including the Apogee's and the VMPS's. Cheers
The Swans 2.2 (I assume those r the ones) are better engineered than the Duettas. BUT, soundwise, the D's are good. What is it you expect to improve upon by changing the Duettas?
Also keep in mind that the Swans look like a difficult load in their top octave.
What is it you expect to improve upon by changing the Duettas?

Gregm....I really appreciate your response to my thread. My plans are to update the electronics also. I am relunctant to drive my Apogees with the Big Macs that are due out in august. I have already posted a deposit for the Mac System when it becomes available. I wanted a speaker (ribbon hybrid preferrably) to handle the power of the McIntosh @ 2000W @ side.