Has anyone heard the Rolling Stone Remastered LP'S

I think they are made by ABKCO.
i own all of them. they are better then the last time they were released, the not as good as 'original' uk, u.s. or japanese pressings which i have many of....they are worth owning. the stones always went for feeling, not fidelity,anyway.....let it bleed, beggars banquet are the best of the london/decca years for hifi.......
I would second Jaybo's remarks, save the comment of "not fidelity", does your TT need tweaking?! ;^) there is plenty of fidelity over here. And only to add for clarity sake that you are talking about the DSD remastered Abkco records, correct? Yes, get them all while you can, their marvelous! My personal favorites also include "After Math".
Happy Listening!
They are excellent with noticeable improvements, and you can get them for about $14 at BestBuy (I have no stake in this chain), as compared to $20 elsewhere.
You can get vinyl at Best Buy? If so, where and how?
Hot Rocks is good....it was nicely mastered. Still sounds rather compressed....but that is often how the Stones intended it to sound! Another good recording of the stones was "Jump back".